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'Roadwolf' has been a nick name for me for many years now.  Many people have asked about its origins, and I must say they were very unique.  Of course a true nick name is always given to you by your friends.  But as it turned out, 'Roadwolf' was first conceived by myself, on Yahoo! Around 1999 and 2000 I was very big into chat rooms on Yahoo!.  My favorite was the 'Police and Fire' chat rooms, where I had many friends who were police officers, and firemen.  If you have been following my posts, this is how I knew one of the firemen who died on Sept 11th.  Anyhow, Being ever vigilant against greed, corruption and the 'dark side' I became a quasi hacker, in a way.  Of course no 'hacker' who frequented Yahoo chat rooms was indeed a real hacker.  Most were just using downloaded software to confuse yahoo, and thus cause a DOS attack on their intended targets who then were logged off right away, thus getting rid of annoying people who you did not want in your chat room. Being that Yahoo chat is unmoderated (or was anyhow), it was up to the people who frequented the rooms to keep their rooms clean.  That was my job.  Over the course of a year, I had created a virtual army of login names, which I then used with various programs to help rid the room of unwanted people who wanted to cyber and flame in the chat room.  One of these names I created at random was 'roadwolf'. It took a few years to become my name however.  It wasn't until after I had an encounter with a wild wolf, and after I had been doing some volunteer emergency work, which I earned the nick name for myself. Tow truck drivers began calling me the name, and thus it stuck.  Being a kind of 'lone wolf' and having often been out on the road in the worst storms helping people, I took to the name as my new identity. I was also happy to see that it was quite unique.  Few people online had used the name at all.

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