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Rowdy Teens

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The first three days of 2024 all brought me close to homicides or attempted homicides. I am no stranger to traumatic events. And at work, I deal with violence, death and drugs on a daily basis. Read more

Subjective Dynamic

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I wanted to touch a little bit upon my past, and how that may or may not relate to my current situation.

I am very selective with whom I choose to be close with. I see society as being in a constant state of flux, and thus unworthy of deep commitment to social norms. But that doesn't mean I am any sort of rebel or socially inept individual. On the contrary, I was raised as a Roman Catholic, and while it has been a while since I have been active in the church, I still do practice the teachings and believe that being kind, respectful and helpful, even to strangers, is the ideal way to go about ones day. But I am not one to try to impress others by trying to prove that I fall within their definition of what they think I should be. I am just me, and I just focus on being the best me I can be.

Those whom are in my circle of trust - those I consider part of my pack - I am protective of. They have obviously earned my respect, and I have also earned their respect. I generally limit how much I allow someone to get to know me unless they are within my pack. Even this blog is only a very filtered selection of snippets of topics which have interested me over the years, or topics which I have felt the need to write about for my own interest or understanding. In no way is this blog meant to be a magical portal to define me.

While through my adult life, I have generally more often had a smaller pack, there were times where my pack numbered in the dozens. And through various relationships, I have also explored a number of types of love, and emotional bonds. I have also experienced pain and betrayal as well. I often will say that while calm waters offer a relaxing paddle, it is the stormy seas that will teach you the most about life.

Life is Dynamic. We change and evolve as we live it and explore various lifestyles and interests. I have had many interests and experiences, and as such I have a fairly wide scope from which to reference from.

During my early twenties, I ended up marrying my best female friend. We did Love each other, but I am not really sure to what extent. We still were both missing something from each other. Sure, I was still young, and still hadn't learned a lot about how to treat a lady, or even how to be a fully helpful domestic partner. I'll admit I did take her for granted, as she did me. I had moved right from my parents basement into a live in situation with her. But before we had even gotten a proper apartment together, we had already decided that being Polyamorous was what we wanted. Part of that was due to both of us finding other partners on WoW, which piqued our interest. This started me down a path which led me down a bit of a rabbit hole.

After a few partners, I caught the attention of a female who claimed to be a 'submissive'. She told me I had all sorts of great qualities that a good natural Dom has. I easily and effortlessly earn respect. I am open minded and like to explore. And I am firm and grounded. Indeed this caused me to delve into this topic to explore it. Part of this blog was dedicated to helping me figure out what was what, and try to explain (mostly to myself), how that complex subculture of Dom/sub worked.

Realistically, the role of Dom/sub that I see myself as having been part of, is absolutely not some kinky dungeon view of any full on BDSM, whip wielding Dominant who just wants to impart pain and punishment and control over everyone under him. Not at all. In fact, I prefer to discuss and have a mutual agreement on things. I am calm, and I take time to think about things before acting or deciding. There are so many options and approaches to every choice or direction, and weighing those options for the most logical or wisest approach is always ideal. I believe that my position is more so that of a partner who is grounded and helps support and prop up his partner so that together we make a strong team.

That dynamic or topic is for sure very complex, and I guess it should just be stated that if you aren't open minded, perhaps you just aren't mentally capable of understanding such topics. In which case, such a person really shouldn't be reading this blog. Any post on here might be too much for them to process.

I believe wisdom comes with age and experience. I do however try to be logical and methodical. Sometimes the need to examine a topic in a logical manner, is the sole purpose of writing a post on here. On top of that I have a stubbornness, which once I have formed a logical conclusion, it is difficult to sway me from it unless a more logical direction is suggested. But my firmness and grounded level headed mannerisms, combined with that decision making gives me the ability to be an effective guide. That Dominant guidance, is often what a more submissive person may seek. Someone who can help guide them with logical choices, while being strong and helping propel them forward and upwards.

Just because someone is a submissive, or a Dominant doesn't mean they are always into kinky things either. In fact, many just like the more old school dynamic. But even so, the comfort, and protection a Dominant partner gives to their submissive partner often does inspire more intimate connection, and thus fuels more adventure in the bedroom.

Sure there are couples out there that prefer to just stay between the lines and never venture into any explorative ventures. That is fine. But I do tend to enjoy spice.

That being said, this doesn't mean that someone who has a spicy lifestyle would not be a good parent. The ability to be open minded, but also firm and grounded, I believe will make me an excellent parent. Those who are close to me all agree, and suggest that I will be a great dad.

But there are very closed minded people out there, who will subjectively read posts from my past, and form a judgement (prejudice) on who I am based solely on writings, sometimes from years ago and in previous relationships and dynamics. Honestly, if someone is that shallow that they will subjectively form a strong opinion on someone else without actually interacting with them, just based upon a blog, then that person isn't someone I want to get to know in any way, anyhow. And that person can not claim to know me in any meaningful way. Read more


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I was chatting with a friend about her current studies in Bio Engineering with virus protein binders. I mentioned that I had heard that Ebola and HIV had the same protein binders. She said really? She then thought about it for a moment, and then muttered that they could of been made in the same lab. I laughed and said yeah, exactly.

The conversation then reminded me of the downing of MH17 over Ukraine in 2014, 8 years ago when the Americans started messing with Ukraine. The following episode of No Agenda is a great listen in whole, which provides some good background for what is happening now in Ukraine. But this clip provided here, starts an hour into the show, where Adam deconstructs what likely happened to down the plane.

No Agenda Show 636

The show then goes on to talk about the passengers on board who were on the way to the world AIDS conference. Interesting isn't it?

MH17 Passengers may have had AIDS research breakthrough.

So what could those researchers have had, which might of gotten them killed? No Agenda Show 639. Maybe the fact that Ebola and AIDS have been engineered in the same lab? Ah yes. And these clips from 8 years ago, come full circle to the comments my friend made, which I quoted at the beginning of this post. So how it works, and you can listen to the show discuss it here, is that both Ebola and HIV use the NPC1 Protein to bind to the human body, and cause an infection.

Interestingly enough, that show goes on to discuss SARS and Genetic Engineering using injections to actually cause a whole race to be eliminated. But hey, 8 years ago... Ukraine, Russia is bad, America is going in to 'Help' Ukraine, Biolabs, and Bio Weapons, and AIDS researchers being killed in a civilian airliner which was shot down using electronic warfare, presumably being run by NATO or Western friendly forces, and SARS.... Makes you go hmm. Sounds like a playbook from today. Read more


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There are some serious flaws in our medical system right now. For context, I wasn't feeling super great yesterday. At first I figured it was the weather - the dampness making me sore and achey. No, as I was getting ready for bed, it had developed quickly into a splitting headache, chills and fever, and an upset tummy. Instantly, once I got the upset tummy, I was like. FLU!

Luckily I had some TamiFlu in stock in my medicine cabinet, from the last time I had flu like symptoms and was prescribed it. So I took a dose right away. At the time I had a splitting headache, and was shaking with chills and extremely achey. No lie, in 20 minutes, I was feeling better enough to comfortably fall asleep.

So I had beaten back the Flu. Given my body a chance to fight it. Now, time to get a new supply of TamiFlu. So I called my doctor.

At this point it was afternoon the next day. I had taken a 2nd dose of TamiFlu already, and I was feeling pretty good considering. I was on hold for about an hour and a half, before finally getting thru and requesting Tamiflu, explaining the symptoms and situation. The call taker said they had never heard of anyone requesting Tamiflu... Oh?

So a Nurse calls me back and says my practitioner suggests I get a COVID test to confirm. I said, I believe I already had COVID in early January. Everyone around me had it, and if I tested now, I would show positive. I also have been already taking Tamiflu - that is expired and old - but it is working with great effect. So it isn't Coronavirus, as that doesn't work with Coronavirus. Oh, was the reply.

After another call, they said okay, you have the RX.

This this outlines a major flaw in modern medicine. TamiFlu needs to be administered within 48 hours of the first symptoms to be effective against the Flu. If you have to wait for the results of a PCR test which they recommended, it would push you beyond that 48 hour mark. Meanwhile you are suffering. And on top of that, sure, many people who get the Flu also get coronavirus along side it, because it is a common winter ailment. So you will test positive, and then you will be treated as a COVID patient or death, as opposed to a recovering flu patient.

When doctors begin allowing computers, care protocols and insurance protocols to direct them like robots, they loose any forward thinking. Listening to the patient is sometimes the best thing a doctor can do. In my case, I was able to convince them of my needs, and stand firm.

Now, I will admit, sometimes I am wrong about my own conditions - We sometimes think the worst about what is happening to us. This time I wasn't. The fact that Tamiflu worked so quickly tells me it was for sure the Flu.

I have a fresh RX of TamiFlu now. It is great stuff! Read more

Thoughts From a Hotel Room

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I sit here, yet again in Conneaut, Ohio. It was quite an adventurious ride here tonight. A few bands of lake effect snow, along I-90. But my trusty Roadwolf mobile handled it well with it's new tires.

I have been stressed about a few things lately. For one, Money. With the inflation and cost of living driving way up. Thanks Biden. It is surely making it harder to survive. Even making 80k or so, it is a struggle. I wonder just how hard people making less are having it. I am fortunate to have a job. And it is a decent job at that. So perhaps I should just be thankful for that. But part of me wonders - why work my butt off to survive, when people are seemingly living off of the government or some other source, and sitting around all day seemingly? I don't know. Maybe it is the fact that I have some 'wealth' or property that I have accumulated, and thus, I must work to keep that.

But what if I gave it all up? Well... I doubt that would happen. It doesn't seem like a wise choice.

I recently watched the movie Interstellar. Indeed a great movie. I found a chuckle in the premise that the whole world turned Socialist and things fell apart. Or maybe things fell apart before the turn to socialism. In any case, it seems it happened afterwards, because Cooper mentioned that they got rid of the MRI which would of saved his wife's life. So, in a way it foreshadows just how shitty a Socialist world would be. But then, why is it such a rage? I think people have just been so brainwashed and damaged - so dehumanized and removed from what it truly means to be human and live a fulfilling life. In a way I blame big tech, but also Hollywood, and the education system.

On that note, I have found a decent female. Terri is a great gal. Not someone who is brainwashed and damaged, that is for sure. She has a great mind.

I hope, circling back to the money issue, that Terri will eventually be able to move in with me - sooner than later. Because it is very close to becoming difficult to afford the traveling expenses.
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Fall 2021

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2021 is almost over. What a crazy couple of years. Going from one of the best economies we have seen, to high inflation and what is seemingly a steady and planned nosedive into poverty and hardship for a majority of Americans, and indeed people all around the world.

Was this the UN's plan with Agenda 21? Are the rich and powerful behind this all, trying to further distance themselves from the scummy bottom feeders that are the general public? I am unsure. Maybe this is all unplanned, and just happening naturally? It is hard to believe that. Everything seems to have some political spin now. It can't be pure chance if it seems planned.

Whatever the case, there are a lot of people who are arming themselves now. People are preparing for the fall of society. Rightfully so. With mask and vaccine mandates running rampant, there are many police forces which are in the midst of a huge labor shortage. And the officers who are left, are not as likely to be willing to enforce the law, especially when they know they don't have as much backup available to them.

To some people, this seems just fine. Police represent a bad and oppressive part of society. To others, police represent security and order. I think the divide is generally speaking, if you are a land or business owner, you likely want the police around. If you rent, and are a general worker / student, then you may see the police as an oppressive force.

Regardless, there are a lot of people who are seeing this now, and who are arming themselves in order to protect themselves and also for survival uses, incase the supply chain issue gets worse. I am indeed one of those people. We may have to begin hunting for our own food soon, if we want to be able to get real meat for an affordable price. I have heard that Cattle Ranchers are not getting good price offers for their beef. The meat supply industry is undercutting the asking prices of the ranchers. Yet they go and sell meat prices for higher than average.

So it seems that the meat shortage isn't on the ranchers side, but rather the meat suppliers creating their own shortage by not wanting to purchase cattle at a reasonable price, and so they are having a hard time finding cattle at those prices. So that is concerning.

A lot of the troubles we are facing right now, have been artificially created by policy changes, mandates, and fear porn spread by the mainstream media and PR type talking heads. If you erased the last 2 years of BULLSHIT, and we had just treated the virus similar to how we treat the flu, we would be in a great position right now - and I imagine TRUMP would still be president.

So why is all of this being artificially created?

That is the scary thing. Be it UN's Agenda 21, or George Soros trying to push his Nazi Party viewpoints, or some other misguided attempt to create a global government, while controlling the plebs of society. The reasons are unclear - there are so many theories and so many actors trying to manipulate the public. But the results will be clear.

There are already a vast amount of skilled, intelligent, people who are standing up to this, and leaving their professions. Many trades and positions are now being filled with sub-standard workers who lack proper training and guidance. The ones who actually know how to do things are leaving, and switching to work in simple jobs. Why? Well if you can work in your specialized job, and have to face all sorts of bullshit which makes your job harder - when you have earned your position and proven yourself. That gets frustrating over time.

But what if you left that position, and then worked in a simple field that is a lot easier, making similar income (minimum wage has gone up, so that wage gap between well paying specialized jobs and basic wages has narrowed). Where you aren't held to a higher standard, and you can slack off a little more, and say fuck it because the job doesn't really matter as much. Less stress and bullshit to deal with, sure. And roughly the same money coming in? hmm... Sometimes sanity is worth some sacrifice.

The world is indeed headed towards an artificially created hardship right now. And whether governments will fall. Whether war will come - be it civil war, or a world war (china?)... Whatever is going to happen, as human beings our duty to ourselves is to survive and prosper. Prepare to defend yourself. Prepare to survive. And get out there and have babies (chuckling). Read more


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Science. It is a word that is in great use the past several years. It seems like almost half my lifetime, I have been bombarded with the word Science to explain or push a belief system on me.

Belief system? But it is science? It isn't a belief. It is true. It is fact!

Is it?

See the early field of science was all about proving ones work, and being open to critique. Science goes back many hundreds of years, and it's study used to be very structured.

Today we don't see science in the same light - at least in popular culture. The mainstream media, government propagandists, and big tech companies want you to believe the 'science' that they push is undisputable. When many people question and dispute it. Including field specific publications!

And that is key. You see, field specific publications are the backbone of what makes for true scientific study. But who reads those publications? Scientists - Maybe... If they run out of other reading material on the shitter.

Science is about publishing theories and findings and being open to having those theories, findings and discoveries questioned, and tested to prove you right OR wrong.

Science is not pure fact that must blindly be accepted.

Anyone who suggests this is the case - that science must blindly be accepted, has transitioned from a true scientist, to a religious scientist who blindly expects people to follow the faith that they preach.

Don't like what I have to say about this? Prove me wrong. Or am I just supposed to believe you and stop questioning you?
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Casual July Drive

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Today's drive was nice and relaxing. I originally set out to find a Country Store, East of Sommerset, called Spencer's Country Store on NY-18. There isn't much in the way of internet connectivity up along NY-18, so I was mostly just looking for it from memory. But after looking at Google Maps, I now see why I didn't see it. I was super distracted by the huge cattle farm across the street.

Google Maps View

So since I wasn't finding it, I ended up stopping at Lakeside Beach State Park to check it out. I paid the $6 and toured the camping area. I found several sites which might be suitable for my camping style, and noted them in a little document for later planning. :) I do like Cranberry Lake, in the Adirondaks, but sometimes, it is nice to stay a little closer to town.

I headed along NY-18, and then down NY-19 thru Brockport. Sometimes I would mark my journey with a little calling card at some locations. I then headed down thry LeRoy and then thru Stafford, NY. Now, I know there is some following on this blog from the Stafford area, and so I did leave a few calling cards around there. It would be fun if anyone who was familiar with the blog, ended up finding one.

I headed home along NY-63 and NY-77, then cutting back down to NY-93 closer to Lockport.

Much of the area I drove thru was Amish country, or Trump country which seems to almost be one in the same in these parts. I do support Trump. He is more honest than any of the lifelong politicians I have seen in my 4 decades on this planet. And that made me ponder the American Culture. See, in the grand scheme of things American culture is very young. On the global scale, it is only about 100 years old. American culture bloomed in the 1920'tys and up thru the 1950'tys during which time a lot of what defined 'being American' was first being displayed and spread globally through the magic of the silver screen and Hollywood.

Culture is important. Culture inspires generations. Culture shapes a nation, and Culture builds foundations for the future of that nation's national identity.

Sadly, the stories of 1984 and Atlas Shrugged seem to ring more true now than ever. American Culture is being replaced by a socialist, global government focused cultural change headed by Political Correctness and China. But at the same time Islam is also attacking our culture - trying to get a religious foothold and acceptance here. Again, I mention the 2013 NDAA which included provisions to repeal parts of the Smith Mundt Act related to making it illegal to use propaganda by American Based news outlets, against the American People on American Soil. It is now, and has been for the past 8 years, been LEGAL for private and state sponsored media and PR firms to use propaganda against the citizens of this country.

And that is what is going to kill the American culture. Chinas influence. Propaganda from within. And, the fact that Hollywood is being bought out by China (notice a lot of the remakes of films lately, which have been filmed in Chinese studios - often cut out religion references or references which will make China look bad). Plus the fact that Hollywood's integrity has been completely shot to bits, by the Internet, and the creativity of people posting videos for FREE on services like Youtube. This has completely changed the media as we know it. And now we have to worry about the censorship and bias of Big Tech companies like YouTube as well, which are global companies. So how to form or re-enforce a uniquely American culture under the watchful globalist eyes of all these factors? It is tough. But there are many true Americans out there still trying. And Bravo to them! Read more

Masks vs No Masks

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It seems very clear to me that there are opposing forces at work here. The visible signs of a cultures background, belief system, and political viewpoints can be summed up with a simple observation. Do they have a mask, or not?

This is for sure beginning to divide the nation, and the world.

The World War of the Masks may be upon us.

But maybe it'll start slowly. Or maybe things can continue peacefully. What about a whole separate economy for Maskers vs No Maskers? Stores that cater to one or the other, but not both? Schools that cater to one side, or the other? Healthcare that caters to one side or the other.

I suppose there will always be a way to cause a divide in a population. It used to be common to use religions as a justification for a war. Since science is a religion now, would it be equatable to suggest that this might be an attempt to cause a divide in order to spur a global political war to bring socialism to power? Read more