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The man who will be God?

Who else do we speak of here except Lord Rick?  Who is Lord Rick you may ask?  well...  to put it simply he is a self proclaimed god who is quite heavy into drugs, and classifies himself as the top paranormal investigator in the world.  I will also add to that, that he is unemployed, neglects his children / exposes them to drugs, and lets them sleep on the streets.  He is also pro slavery and anti womans rights.  Ontop of that he runs a 'online group' of ghost hunters which he calls the Paranormal and Ghost Society or something like that.  He runs it like a cult and demands members give him 'donations' which he uses to 'buy sensitive electronic ghost detecting equipment' and 'cover the costs of his investigations'.  Of course he has no clue what the equipment he lists and 'claims' to own, actually does.  On his website a few years back he stated in his equipment list: "Cell sensors are a useful tool since they measure how strong a field I probably would not be into using them much but then again they come in handy for the gausemeter function which measures the frequencies of sound I believe. We have gausemeters for sale on our site and other unique meters check them out at our paranormal store." Well, a Cell Sensor is a brand name for an EMF Detection meter. The Cell Sensor was designed for people to ensure that their Cell Phones are not putting out harmful radiation. Basically it measures Electromagnetic Radiation. Many professional ghost hunters carry such a device at all times. The fact that Lord Rick does not even know what it is, shows that he is not in touch with the world of professional ghost hunting.  An EMF detector is actually a VERY useful tool for those 'real' ghost hunters out there, and it has nothing to do with sound. How did I originally cross paths with Lord Rick?  Well he visited a website community I was involved with, and demanded money from people so he could take them to caves which he claimed were haunted by dead native americans who were burried in the caves.  I of course happened to know exactly which 'caves' he was speaking of, and knew he was full of shit.  The caves could never of been used as an indian burial ground, specifically because they didn't exist prior to about 1889 or so.  The caves he was speaking of are actually limestone mines used to mine 'akron flour' which is a type of cement which could actually set underwater.  He claimed these caves were thousands of years old.  Anyhow, this ammount of bullshit caused me to tell this guy he is full of shit, and of course this is how it all started. Lord Rick is well known (famous if you will) for attempting or threatening to sue people who write / talk / berate him in any way.  Even if what people are saying is true, which is often the case.  Lord Rick trolls free internet forums posting long posts about his warped views, and saying various things which people have then used against him to (quite easily) discredit him.  He then denies ever saying such things and threatens to sue you.  If he doesn't know who you are however he will flame you very throughly on his website or his myspace page, and in some cases he has threatened harm or death on some people. He is a very unstable looney by my estimates.  And I will write more about him in the future I am sure.  Until then, be sure to check out, which is a blog started by a group of us who...  like to laugh at lord rick, in almost the same sence that you laugh at the criminals on the TV show 'C.O.P.S' when they try to do stupid stuff to run from the police.

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