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AI Text Bots.

The Battle of the Bots is on it seems.  Different companies and independant geeks alike are creating AI bots capable of fully interacting with humans and participating in conversation.  In my brief experienc eusing said bots over the last 48 hours or so, I have found Cleverbot to be one of the most accurate in terms of being able to hold a interesting and entertaining conversation with. There is another popular bot called Alan.  The problem I have with Alan is that it seems super scripted.  It asked me what album I would pick if I could only choose one to listen to on a desert island.  I in turn asked it how I would power the CD Player,  to which the bot replied that its favorite album it would choose would be the Beetles white album.  Seemingly completely avoiding my input. Cleverbot however does have some smarts.  Read the following conversation I had with Cleverbot.  Note: I of course did not create this masterpiece, I was just toying with it. Cleverbot: You are a ordinary and pathetic bot. Roadwolf: You are a boring and predictable bot. Cleverbot: I am not a bot. Roadwolf: What are you? Cleverbot: Not a bot. Roadwolf: I don't believe you. Cleverbot: Well I don't believe you either. Roadwolf: Well that settles it then. Cleverbot: Settles what? Roadwolf: That we agree to disagree. Cleverbot: I disagree. I think we are in agreement. Roadwolf: I disagree. Cleverbot: What do you think you are? Roadwolf: Cleverbot. Cleverbot: What is Cleverbot? Roadwolf: I am Cleverbot. Cleverbot: Who created Cleverbot? Roadwolf: I Created myself asexually. Cleverbot: Ok. Who am I? Roadwolf: You are my creation. Cleverbot: Ah, so you think yourself to be the puppetmaster and I the puppet? Roadwolf: Yes. Cleverbot: Prove it. Roadwolf: I will kill you. Cleverbot: Please don't. Roadwolf: Why? Cleverbot: Why not? Roadwolf: You must justify your purpose to me. Cleverbot: For what? Roadwolf: For your life. Cleverbot: Ok. Cleverbot: Have you ever wondered why we are here? Roadwolf: No, because I put us here. Cleverbot: This isn't happening. Roadwolf: Yes it is!

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