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Well, I am kinda bored so I decided to write about something that can entertain you if you are bored and need some lulz. is all about AngelOfThyNight, aka Lord Rick, aka Richard Rowe. Originally started on, the temporary domain made for OPEX 2007, the 'Wisemen' moved between a few different websites before coming to rest at Firstly, I should describe how I heard about Lord Rick. Lord Rick signed up on a forum I frequented at the time,, and said he was coming to Buffalo, NY to explore some caves. He wanted people to pay him 20 dollars for him to show them the caves. I happened to know where the caves were and had been there a few times, therefore I offered to take people there for free. To make a long story short, he started wagging his dick saying he was the best of the best, and people should pay to be with him. Having never heard of him before many of the regulars on (one of the most popular UE sites in the world) laughed and a large flame war started. Now normally trolls such as Lord Rick would fall away and dissapear. But Lord Rick had a special quality. He claims to be a man-god, leader, president and founder of a paranormal and ghost society, ghost buster and hunter, drug user, single father, womanizer, and sexual deviant. Not to mention that his little cult, PGS had the worst webpage I had ever seen, with dirty scripts all over it, some of which would mildly steal information from your computer. And the added fact that he made people pay for this website. (dude, hosting is only 15 bucks a year, including a domain name... you don't need donations for that!). I tried to point out to Lord Rick that he was taking the wrong approach, but of course this went over his head. I then joined in with the lulz. Eventually the topic was locked on, so myself and a few others (Geoviolator, and some of the other OPEX 2007 crew members) decided to have a part of uesexy devoted to Lord Rick. Eventually he did come up to Buffalo and did visit the Akron Caves. We waited for him outside the caves with the intention of hiding in the shadows and making ghost noises, and had some smoke bombs to create ectoplasm and orbs. Sadly he never showed up, and apparently he got completely lost. So we lul'ed a lot! Eventually I lost interest and moved onward, while some others down in the eastern US took over, and continued the lulz. The Hotsauce Fan Club,and Deggi5 crew also did a lot of lul’ing during this time, and infact I believe they impersonated me. I did not care as I was completely out of the loop. Lord Rick seems to think I was stalking him and was a huge master mind, but its completely false. At this point in time I was too addicted to WoW and other computer games, and dealt with enough drama there to even care about Lord Rick. I am sure that most of it was Mike Dijital or Hotsauce who were impersonating me to try to keep their names clean (so they could stay close to him and keep getting information). At some point in time, Synthia Darkness approached me asking me about my involvment in the Lord Rick debacle. She told me a few stories, and I lul'ed. I happened to have a few bucks kickin around in my pocket and decided to register just for the lulz and pointed it towards a blog on blogspot dedicated to Lord Rick. I then went back into hiding, as I continued with other projects, letting Synthia, Jayman, OE and the others continue with the lulz on their own. It wasn't until October 2008 when I got involved again. Apparently there was an internal shakeup in the Wisemen, and they needed some help. Being the domain owner I figured it was time for me to step in and ensure everything is legit and proper. Since then I have been moderating the new blog on and the forums located there as well, to ensure that everything is legal. still relies on others to provide it with content. We are also looking for other people to write about as well. If there is any good internet drama out there anyone wants to talk about, let me know! We are setting up another blog specifically for random internet drama and whackos.  We call ourselves the Wisemen, since Ricky calls himself a God (among many other things). So, am I proud to be a member of the Wisemen? hell yeah! It is funny because Lord Rick seems to enjoy us talking about him. So there is a kind of symbiotic relationship. We bring him web traffic, and he brings us lulz. Do I really have a personal grudge against Lord Rick, as he claims? no.  Other then some mild death threats (which I laugh at), Lord Rick hasn't really done anything to me.  Internet drama, is not worth getting worked up about.  I would gladly chat with him or anyone involved with him, if they choose to approach me in a civilized manner.  Likewise I am moderating to ensure there is nothing illegal posted on there. That includes anything like DOX (personal information) and such.  And I will gladly moderate (edit or delete) any posts that they have issues with as long as the issues are valid. If anyone wants some good internet lulz, please visit :)

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