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This is a message to Whisperin's family. I would love to see a happy and accepting relationship develop with everyone. That includes being accepting of myself, and my place in Whisperin's life. But there was a lot that was said, and a specific person engaged in some very low tactics in order to cast a negative light upon me. This issue has festered for a long while without any resolution. I do not wish for there to be an issue. I also can not fake it, and allow myself to be put into a situation where I am supposed to fake it. Nor would I trust allowing my son to spend time with anyone who does not respect or accept me. I ask that the family members feel free to comment here with their real email and name, or contact me directly and express their thoughts and apologies. Or we can just let things fester. Up to you! Read more

Family Posts


Welcome to the Family Section.

Roadwolf and his family share unique and conservative views regarding to internet presence. While yes, Roadwolf's blog is supposed to be a canvas for him to share his thoughts and stories. At the same time, real life details of his family or livelyhood are generally censored. This is because the internet is a cruel and dangerous place. And because of that, he chooses to be cautious as to how precious topics close to his heart are handled online. His family is one such topic.

However, in this world we live in so many people are used to being able to log into social media and view updates on their family members and loved ones. Well, social media is something we don't do. But we do have this. So, this will be a section specifically designed to be a private, secured topic where 'family' updates will be posted. These include outings, photos, stories and milestones. True family will be welcomed to log in and view and comment on these posts. To request an account, you will need to email me directly at One can also use the new Register feature, however I will still email people who register via that approach to confirm their identity.

We look forward to sharing our special moments with special family members. As for the rest of the blog, it shall remain as it is. Read more

Projects 2024

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There are a number of projects I want to work on this coming year. We shall see what I have time for, with balancing being a Dad and a loving partner, and also earning enough money to support the household. But in any case, the following is a list of projects I feel would be ideal to focus on. This post is more for my own use, to allow me to focus my energy and plan things out. Read more

Rowdy Teens

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The first three days of 2024 all brought me close to homicides or attempted homicides. I am no stranger to traumatic events. And at work, I deal with violence, death and drugs on a daily basis. Read more

Teriyaki Curry Beef

Blog and Journal 5

Top Round beef slices - cut into bite sized bits.
Put them into a mixing bowl and add teriyaki sauce, 2 tablespoons of minced garlic, and 1 tablespoon of finely shredded ginger. I also added some MSG, sea salt, and garlic salt.
Let the beef sit and marinade for a little while while it thinks about it's new life as your meal.
Start a pot of rice. 1 cup of rice should do.
I used peanut oil but vegitable oil will work. I used 3 oz, and then browned some sweet onions in a large pan.
Put frozen stir fry veggie mix in a mixing pot, and then pour browned onions and hot oil over frozen veggies - it will help thaw them.
Put beef slices in pan, with the sauce. Stiry fry them until they are still pink in the center, but the edges are cooked.
Dump the veggies and onions back into the pan with the beef.
Add 1 cup of sour cream. 1 tablespoon of curry powder. 1 teaspoon of chili powder, and 1 teaspoon of cayanne pepper. I also added a tablespoon of brown sugar.
Stir and taste test.
When ready add to rice and serve. Read more

Lofty Lair vs SVNO Ops

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I sit up in my Lofty Lair trying to find inspiration to do something meaningful. So I decided to write this post to try to sort things out. I am working on two main projects in my life right now. Read more

Aquarium Update 2023

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So it has been 5 years since I set up my salt water reef aquarium. How are things going now? Well, the aquarium is still alive, and I still run it which in this economy is amazing. It isn't cheap to run, so that is something I have kept up on.

However I haven't taken care of it at all otherwise for over a year now. I still had my original Royal Gramma, and a few other critters in there from the original build, but otherwise the aquarium was mostly a coral reef. The coral was still growing however some algae took over the tank and began growing over the green star coral. I didn't mind that so much as the green star coral was overtaking the tank. Read more


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We all have to stay up to date and ensure we have the latest and greatest apps and gear installed. That is the 'Tech' rally cry these days. For to ensure we are up to date and our software is patched to the latest release, is to ensure our safety. But at the end of the day just how much does it cost us? Read more

Refreshed Storyboard for SVNO

Roleplay and Fantasy Hobbies

SVNO: Scajaquada Valley Northern Railway

The Scajaquada Valley Northern is a fictional short line railroad serving remote communities in a Northern and Mountain region in North America. The initial nationality was going to be Canadian, however it could easily be located in the Adirondaks or Northern Maine. The railroad draws a large amount of inspiration from the Ontario Northland Railroad which serves Northern Ontario well, and provides not only the only land link to several Northern Communities which are otherwise inaccessible, but also Whistle Stop / Flag Stop passenger service to remote areas. The Whistle Stop / Flag Stop service is a hold over from the early Steam days when passengers could stop a train anywhere to board or disembark. Read more