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Aquarium Update 2023

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So it has been 5 years since I set up my salt water reef aquarium. How are things going now? Well, the aquarium is still alive, and I still run it which in this economy is amazing. It isn't cheap to run, so that is something I have kept up on.

However I haven't taken care of it at all otherwise for over a year now. I still had my original Royal Gramma, and a few other critters in there from the original build, but otherwise the aquarium was mostly a coral reef. The coral was still growing however some algae took over the tank and began growing over the green star coral. I didn't mind that so much as the green star coral was overtaking the tank. Read more


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We all have to stay up to date and ensure we have the latest and greatest apps and gear installed. That is the 'Tech' rally cry these days. For to ensure we are up to date and our software is patched to the latest release, is to ensure our safety. But at the end of the day just how much does it cost us? Read more

Refreshed Storyboard for SVNO

Roleplay and Fantasy Hobbies

SVNO: Scajaquada Valley Northern Railway

The Scajaquada Valley Northern is a fictional short line railroad serving remote communities in a Northern and Mountain region in North America. The initial nationality was going to be Canadian, however it could easily be located in the Adirondaks or Northern Maine. The railroad draws a large amount of inspiration from the Ontario Northland Railroad which serves Northern Ontario well, and provides not only the only land link to several Northern Communities which are otherwise inaccessible, but also Whistle Stop / Flag Stop passenger service to remote areas. The Whistle Stop / Flag Stop service is a hold over from the early Steam days when passengers could stop a train anywhere to board or disembark. Read more

Loft Update


My Carriage House's Loft has been neglected for a while. The main chunk of work to make it what it is today, spanned from 2017 to 2019. But it has sat in limbo pretty much ever since. It is a shame really, as it is a great hobby space. The plan for the room changed a few times. A sound studio, for mixing small bands with a nice mixer and effects suite was one such idea. But frankly I am much too old school to keep up with the changes in the music industry. The Lofty Lair was an idea for a private adult lounge. But I scrapped that idea back in 2018. The Model Railroad / Hobby room has been on the table a few times, and is the dominant inspiration behind the room going forward. Read more

Crash-o-Rama Weekend!

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Another weekend, another adventure. My mate was super curious to attend the Holland Speedway's Crash-o-rama event on September 9th 2023. It had been ages since I had been to a race / demo derby myself, so I was also very interested in this event. The event was full of good old boys and gals, and indeed a lot of 'Fuck Joe Biden', or 'Let's go brandon' kind of mindset was taking place. It was excellent. A good patriotic vibe through and through. Indeed a lot of people are very upset with how this corrupt administration is destroying this great country, but that isn't a topic for this post.

Read more

2023 Labor Day Adventure


The 2023 Labor Day weekend started off kind of crappy. Saturday I discovered that my sewage lines were backing up in my basement. I attempted to snake them and got covered in poop, but was unable to get it un clogged. I called a good plumber I know, but he was swampped with work. Luckily the apartment's bathroom was draining downstream from the blockage, so we were able to use that shower and toilet. On Sunday I was able to get the drains unclogged after purchasing a 90 degree elbow for an electrical conduit, which I was able to slide into the pipe and used it to help guide the snake down the correct path. It isn't much fun playing in shit, so that was kind of a bummer for the day. But I only spent $9 on the elbow which is what ended up unclogging the drain. So I was able to fix the issue and save money.

I also traded in my old phone this weekend, and got myself a OnePlus Nord N300 for 'free'. It is a surprisingly good phone for the money. The camera is a huge upgrade from my old HTC U11, and the audio is great. I also do like the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature and how it actually gives you live stats on how much data you are using. The phone also uses Oxygen OS which is a little different from a standard Android build, and allows you to use apps in windowed modes. Kind of neat. The main thing is that now I have a functional phone. The HTC U11 was getting old and unreliable when it came to using the phone aspect of it. Read more