Roadwolf's portal for his random thoughts and ponderings

About Us is my portal to express my various views, opinions and share my stories with anyone who cares. It is in no way meant to be a professional publication. In some cases posts may be satirical. In others they may be completely fictionalized. This blog is fully self supported, and does not have any paid content, clickbait, or making money schemes. It is pure thought and expression.

The name Roadwolf stems from a CB Radio callsign and also one of my first online nick names. It stuck and eventually became my main domain name. I am not a Furry, but I do like wolves and have had a very close encounter with a wild wolf once. I also do sometimes write fiction based on wolves. I have been knighted as Sir Roadwolf, Baron of Western New York by the No Agenda Roundtable, and in some cases I do expect to be addressed as Sir.

The topics on this blog are varied, but often include life updates and journal entries, erotica and BDSM lifestyle writings, gaming, urban exploration, hobbies (such as ham radio, electronics, trains, and vehicle repair and modification), roleplaying, and politics. Reader discretion is advised. But I honestly don't really care who I offend - this is my space not yours.