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No Agenda Episode #447

This Thursdays No Agenda episode (#447) was pretty good.  The following are some of the topics discussed.  It can be downloaded for listening here:

  • Canon vs. Nikon Cameras

  • Premium Lines and TSA at airports.

  • Biometric Data and Special Priviliges for travelers.

  • Airline Steward tried to bring gun onto plane.  (false flag)

  • Discussions on middle east meeting with Iran and Syrian officials.

  • Analysis on US Media spin on a interview with Iranian leader.

  • Global Warming: Dirty Weather and Miss-information

  • Facebook House party in Netherlands: Call out the army! - link to Project X

  • Consuming Alcohol via Enema and the inaccurate news coverage.

  • NASCAR / Moonshine Myth

  • Spain Home owners being foreclosed, and home owners still must pay off the debt even after loosing their home.  Spain Riots

  • European Riots

  • Susan Rice: Response to Arab Video. / not admitting a terrorist act.

  • MTV: Micheal Jackson - King of Pop / Muhammad - The Prophet comparisons.

  • Extraditing people randomly to the US from other countries.

  • British Prime Minister on David Letterman.

  • Human Rights view on Syria and inaccurate reporting.

  • John states that the current events are a prelude to a World War III

  • Ban-Ki Moon does Stand Up Comedy

  • Barbra Walters questions Obama on The View

  • Madonna shills for President Obama says: "Fuck yeah", and "We have a black muslim in the white house."

  • US Drones double tapping rescuers:  Secondary drone attacks after primary drone attacks, target the rescuers and first aid workers.

  • Obama talks about 'True Democracy" and freedoms of citizens to speak their minds.

  • Monsanto corn causes rat tumors: possible PR hit job?

  • Roseanne Barr talks about removing the federal reserve and nationalizing large companies like Monsanto if she was President.

  • SARS-like infection possibly a leaked man made virus.

  • Americas Suicide rate now higher then Auto Deaths.

  • Clean IT Draft (EU):  Similarities to Executive order from Obama on Internet usage.


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