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Family Posts


Welcome to the Family Section.

Roadwolf and his family share unique and conservative views regarding to internet presence. While yes, Roadwolf's blog is supposed to be a canvas for him to share his thoughts and stories. At the same time, real life details of his family or livelyhood are generally censored. This is because the internet is a cruel and dangerous place. And because of that, he chooses to be cautious as to how precious topics close to his heart are handled online. His family is one such topic.

However, in this world we live in so many people are used to being able to log into social media and view updates on their family members and loved ones. Well, social media is something we don't do. But we do have this. So, this will be a section specifically designed to be a private, secured topic where 'family' updates will be posted. These include outings, photos, stories and milestones. True family will be welcomed to log in and view and comment on these posts. To request an account, you will need to email me directly at One can also use the new Register feature, however I will still email people who register via that approach to confirm their identity.

We look forward to sharing our special moments with special family members. As for the rest of the blog, it shall remain as it is. Read more