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WSIB Complex

Back in the spring of 2004, my friends and I discovered the WSIB complex in Toronto, Ontario had been closed down. It was my first big exploration since finding this unique sub culture, and taking an active interest in it.

The WSIB Complex was a large modern hospital, which was guarded by one security guard, full time.  We got to know this guard quite well, to the point where we would actually hang out with him in the Guard Office.  But not after leading him on a few fun foot chases through the property.  The first time we were there, we had about 10 people on the roof, and my ex girlfriend happened to see the Guard coming towards us on the ground.  So we all got off the roof, and fled through the building, and double backed on the Guard, only to watch him from another wing of the building, as he stood at the entrance to the roof and scratched his head.

Eventually, Myself and Avatar-X got in without any issues, during the day time open house of the building, in which each of us purchased an item from the building.  We got to see the whole building, un hindered by security, and it was great.

The security guard, while sociable, was a coy fox, who did sometimes try to trap us and get us in trouble.  But he was never successful :)  We would pay him a visit every now and then at night, and chat casually in his office.

I sadly did not have a very good camera for this location, but I will post a couple photos of mine, and one that Avatar-X took.

Map of the Complex

A Map of the complex

A shot from outside, taken by Avatar-X.  This was when we were actually hanging out with the Security Guard.  (his shadow is in the center)

This was a very odd sign located on the property.

The old WSIB Complex on Torbarrie Road has been demolished to make way for a new residential community.  Long live the memories.

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