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Okay, so I am trying to think of a new Urban Exploration post to do.  I know people want to see more photos of the Buffalo Aud.  But I really do not have many more decent photos to show of that place. I haven't been exploring in some time, however many of the places I have been in the past I have never posted.  Here is a list of all the places I have photos of.
  1. ACSYS (Oshawa)
  2. Akron Caves
  3. Bethlehem Steel
  4. Brickworks (Toronto)
  5. Brighton Gravel Pit
  6. Sattler Theatre (on Broadway)
  7. Buffalo Central Terminal
  9. Carbo Sil
  10. Central State Hospital (Indiana)
  11. CFRB Studios
  12. CFRB Transmitter
  13. Church of the Transfiguration
  14. CN Tower
  15. Days Inn (Hamburg)
  16. Degera Wells Memorial (Hamilton)
  17. Detroit Office Building
  18. Detroit Theater
  19. Edgar Air Force Base
  20. German Orphanage
  21. Guelph Steam Tunnels
  22. Hearn
  23. Houdile
  24. Kingsbury Ordinance (Indiana)
  25. Kirby Road Farm Complex
  26. Lakeview
  27. Lister Block
  28. Lyric Theatre
  29. Mamora mines
  30. Markham Airport
  31. Millgrove Drug Rehab Center
  32. NF Plant (North Bay)
  33. NIKE Missile Base
  34. Oakville Cheese Factory
  35. Oakville Mini Putt
  36. Ontario Power Company
  37. Peterbrough Radar Station
  38. Picton Rehab Hospital
  39. Port McNicholl Grain Elevator
  40. Studebaker
  41. Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
  42. Toronto Film Studios
  43. Toronto Hydro
  44. Toronto Power Company
  45. Wellington Incinirator
  46. Westleyville
  47. Whitby Psych
  48. WSIB
  49. Wurlitzer Theatre
If anyone wants to see the photos / hear a story on one of those places, please comment or email me and let me know.  I want to write another UE Story soon. Also...  For Buffalo, NY Area land owners.  If they want to hire me as a security consultant I am willing to do such a thing.  Since I don't explore anymore (and since I am unemployed)...   I am willing to go through abandoned properties legally and look for potential safety or security risks.  I am very pro-safety minded, and can identify many potential liability risks - from an explorers perspective. They hire ex-hackers to develop internet protection systems,  why not hire an ex-urban explorer to point out risks on your property.  Urban Explorers are basically hackers in their own way anyhow - in fact another name for them before Urban Exploration became popular, was 'reality hackers'.

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