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The Aud: Album 3

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Been a while since I have seen one of these signs.

Fine desk!

One of the locker rooms in the basement was used for paint storage.


Someone had fun lining these up.

Wonder if that will fit in my 60 watt lamp socket... ;)

This odd area had a wall knocked down into a room with 2 doors leading into it from the same area I was standing in when I took the photo. Why bother knocking down the wall?

Old Spotlight

This was kinda neat... Wonder if anyone remembers this?

They obviously were not protecting it while I was in there... Walked in through an opened door. How secure is that???

Radio Station license and some other things in the security office.

Now with only 1200 calories!

I had a better shot of whatever this machine was... Without my friend in the way. But I think this shot looks cooler.

Above the International Beer Garden

Looking down into the depths. This was between the Original facade and the new renovations.


Did someone say they wanted some seats from the Aud?

This used to be a broom...

And I thought those kegs were real!

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