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Studebaker Plant (South Bend, IN)

The Studebaker Plant in South Bend, Indiana had been abandoned for some time when Nightbird and myself decided to explore it. Having grown up in South Bend, she had always been curious about this location. Following are some of the highlights from our May 2005 adventure.

This was a large plant to say the least. This 'room' seemed to be one of the smaller buildings on the property. Also one of the newer buildings.

Seemingly, this appears to be a display of small parts for the Studebakers. Interesting how some items rusted while others did not.

Nightbird is visible in the background. This shot showing the scale of one of the other large buildings.

I had to use some photo editing to brighten this shot, but it was the best photo I had showing some of the crazy buckling of the wooden bricks which were used to line the factory floor. The bricks themselves were often very soaked with oil. I imagine they used wooden bricks for acoustic dampening and also as a softer floor to work on, to reduce stress and fatigue, and also so that parts which fell on it wouldn't be damages as easily?

Some wooden molds for forming various body panels.

More molds

It seems nature always works its way back into places. Even in this oil encrusted floor, in this likely very contaminated site, next to the painting pits - life still finds a way. Is nature really as fragile as some make it out to be? Or is the desire to live, adapt and populate as strong in other life forms as it is in ours?

Likely old conveyer motors. This was near the paint pits.

Oil pans.... I wonder from what engine. Can anyone identify these?

I am not quite sure what this machine was. Maybe a painting machine, or maybe a welding machine? It seemed to use air pressure for something.

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