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I was eating lunch one day and being who I am I needed some form of entertainment.  For some reason unknown to myself rather than turning on my usual episodes of Futurama or South Park, I turned to a show I had never watched before; Weeds.  I've had them around for a long time but never taken the time to actually WATCH the show.  While munching on my food I watched the pilot.  5 hours later  I had finished the first season and excitedly started the second season. This show is very well done, there is an amazing balance of the drug dealing aspect mixed with a suburban mother trying to survive with her two children.  The general plot is Nancy Botwin's, our protagonist, husband has died of a heart attack and to maintain her lifestyle she starts to sell Marijuana in her neighborhood.  The town is the definition of boring town that tokes up to get by.  Hilarity and drama quickly ensue as her drug dealing and "burb mom" lifestyle slowly drift into a single life. Something that I noticed right off, that was actually surprising, was the soundtrack.  It's a strange mix of many different styles of music, generally about marijuana, that blend together and create the perfect atmosphere for this show. I just finished the fourth season as I post this and I look forward to seeing season 5 as soon as I can.  If you have access and enjoy some comedy, drama and drugs mixed with everyday life, definitely check this show out. They say marijuana isn't addictive, but Weeds is.

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