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United Nations: Agenda 21 and Mass Sterilization (Population Control)

When I first heard about United Nations: Agenda 21, I was a bit dumbfounded.   Okay, so the UN is working on global plans to create a sustainable earth.  Seems innocent enough, right?  That is until you start looking into it, and reading that this includes actions to be taken to prevent overcrowding, and programs to correct geographic regions which are already over-populated and can not sustain themselves.  The could be done by intervention and/or education and family planning programs.  Okay, so the UN is suggesting that governments go into areas of overpopulation and sterilize the population to try to bring it back down to sustainable levels? Well guess what, that is just what the WHO has been doing for years!

Then I heard this clip:

This originally got me outraged, but then I thought about it.  The world is over crowding, and there are millions of people who can't feed themselves.  Perhaps something should be done.  Maybe this is a good idea.   But then again, everything I am seeing suggests that the elites are aiming at only 10 to 20% of the current population is needed.  Do I fall into that 20%?   Am I that useful?    I would hope so, but likely I am not.

It is a tricky issue which goes against our human ethics.  Force an entire population to become sterile, so they can't breed, without their consent.  If you think about it, it may not be just immunizations which cause this, but also the body scanners at the airports!  Heck, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, wont go through the body scanners!  Maybe she wants to remain fertile.  She likely knows that the radiation is strong enough to sterilize you with repeated scans.  I know that non-ionizing radio frequency radiation at high enough powers has proven to sterilize.  I would be willing to bet that the body scanners have similar side effects.  There could be a number of ways a population is sterilized, even through our own cell phones.

I must admit I got quite angry about this.  Who are they to decide who can and cant have kids?

But then I got thinking;  A truly sustainable population is one in which the environment regulates itself.  The true problem here is that regions that are not very fertile, have had population explosions, and their populations all of the sudden become hungry and begin to starve.  This is shown on TV and there is a public outcry for foreign aid to help feed these people.  Also religious and non profit groups will go in and feed people for one reason or another.

So the problem with over population is really caused by aid, and welfare.  The earth is very good at regulating itself, if you let it.  But when you interfere, then you cause problems.  I honestly believe that as animals on this earth, we would be better off if we just let nature take its course.  If we only gave temporary aid to people who maybe lost their job or something.  But full time aid, like Welfare, and foreign aid for starving countries shouldn't happen, even perhaps aid for the disabled.  Why should everyone else pay for people who can't sustain themselves?  Why should everyone else, who are productive and successful mammals, get sterilized because these unproductive people can't take care of themselves?  I don't believe that THIS is very fair.

Therefore, I believe that we should let those who have no desire or ability to work or find food, starve to death, and stop foreign aid / welfare!  That will solve your over-crowding problem.  We need to get back to a more survival of the fittest type ecosystem here.  Sure it isn't fair that those people can't experience a normal life, but ya know what, that IS life!  Sometimes LIFE is UNFAIR!



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