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The Red Cross Trains Taliban

Lately it has come to the attention of the media that the Red Cross has been not only treating the wounded in Afghanistan, but also training the Taliban in survival and first aid skills, as well as supplying them with the equipment to do so.  While the goal of the Red Cross is to remain as neutral as possible, it admits that this is a unique situation. Regardless of the situation however, many believe that the act of giving the Taliban gear and equipment crosses the line.  Jerry Agar of Toronto's Newstalk 1010 argues that this is a kin to equipting the enemy for battle. A retired Canadian Armed forces general was asked about the issue, and responded with nothing but positive things to say about the Red Cross.  He cleaimed that since our troops are so amazingly trained, we do not need the training or equipment the Red Cross provides.  In fact every Canadian troop is trained Advanced first aid - bordering on Paramedic level training.  When you compare that to the Talibans, or to the Afghan people, you would be lucky to find someone who knew basic first aid in a small village of a couple hundred people. The International Red Cross also retorted that it is staying neutral.  However in this case since there are no real front lines, it is safer for the Red Cross to train the Taliban, and supply them with the equipment to treat themselves, then it is to try to follow them around and aid them on the move. Regardless, it is still interesting that the Red Cross is aiding the Taliban, as the Taliban is one group that does not follow the Geneva Convention which the Red Cross helped draw out. It will be interesting to see how, or if this plays out in US Media.

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