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The Mystery of Life

Indeed the mystery of life is a deep topic. Many people have many beliefs as to our origins, and purpose. I would like to share my beliefs with you today. Ever since I learned about it, I have always been a supporter of Darwin's theory. While I was raised Roman Catholic, it just didn't seem logical to me that a story like Adam and Eve or the Creation of the earth was in any way factual. This belief was strengthened when I heard that scientists have isolated a single common ancistor which gave rise to every multi-cellular life form we know of today, including us. Thanks to the discovery of DNA we have been able to isolate that common bond that we share with all animals, and study it to figure out our past.

Actual DNA

Actual DNA in a Test Tube

In this way, scientists have discovered that all life on earth has evolved from the simple, humble sponge. It may seem funny that animals as complex and intelligent as ourselves, capable of even questioning our existence derived from a simple sponge. Sponges in fact seem so lifeless and alien that we normally wouldn't even classify them as animals. Sponges today, have not changed much since their humble beginings. A sponge is basically a mish-mash of various cells which all work together preforming different tasks for the common good. Some cells will create spicules which are rigid structures which help develop the body of the sponge (in fact, your bath sponge is purely made up of these spicules). The flesh of the sponge has many small holes in it which water and particles (including single celled orginisms) flow through. Once inside, various cells will consume single celled orginisms which pass through the sponge. Driving this pumping and suction action are tiny hairs which wave and pulsate quickly to help pump the water through the sponge. In this manner the sponge is working very hard for such a small amount of food. But the point is that it is working for the common good of all the cells in the sponge. Sponge Pumping Water

A sponge pumping water.

How did life (single celled life) happen on earth before the sponge evolved? Well I do not believe anyone has proven the origins of all life at this time. But I imagine it will not be too far down the road when we are able to recreate life from nothing. As humans, I believe that our existence is limited by our bodys ability to keep our brain cells alive. If our brain dies, then we die. Thats it! Why is this the case? Why can't we reincarnate ourselves like the sponge. Well simply because we have evolved to have shorter lives in exchange for mobility. In order to be as smart as we are and as mobile, we had to develop a central nervous system and a command center of sorts in order to process input and react to that input. This system developed over a long period of time, but we now depend on this system. While it is true that the body itself can live without the brain, for the most part, the brain is what makes us individuals. Without it we are as simple as a sponge, billions of cells working for the common good without any direction. I believe that 'God' and 'Heaven' are ideals for people who want to cling to a belief that life is more then just surviving and multiplying. Frankly the afterlife does not exist, there is no way for it to exist. It goes against science. If who we are is directly developed and maintained in our brains, then how would it be possible to export that into some sort of spirit form, so as to exist in some sort of afterlife? If someone can answer this in a scientific manner, then perhaps I will change my viewpoints. I suppose in saying this, I am also stating that I do not really believe in ghosts. While yes the human brain can create some very strange images at times, especially while dreaming, I do not think there has ever been a confirmed physical case of a ghost causing problems. This is a big statement for me to make. I have spent time in some of North Americas most haunted structures and heard some very detailed accounts of 'hauntings' (in fact I have experienced some 'ghostlike' events myself). But it just does not compute. 'Science' is about comparing known quantities with unknown quantities and coming up with conclusions based on controlled tests, while ruling out all other possibilities. Quite frankly I have not seen any Paranormal Investigators who have accomplished anything nearly close to what amounts to scientific research on the paranormal. That concludes this post. Food for thought indeed! I welcome comments as usual, you have to register on the blog in order to post a comment (to reduce spam). So please register and have your say!

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