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The Game is in Play.

Every now and then I enjoy revisiting old topics.  In this case I was laying in bed, trying to get to sleep, but worrying about all the problems in the world.  One of the thoughts that came up was about how DHS is working to build up a law enforcement army in order to eventually enforce a full on police state here in the USA.  A topic I had written about before, but was recently brought up on No Agenda.

The reason they can't use the military is clear, the military is sworn to protect the US citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  The military can not be used against the citizens.  But law enforcement can.  So the obvious step is to militarize law enforcement to create a standardized super army.

Look at what happened in Boston earlier this year.  A whole city shut down, and squads of armored vehicles and troops massing on an urban center, with assault rifles and orders to shoot to kill.  Only because 2 SUSPECTS of a bombing were loose.  Seems a little crazy, doesn't it.  Not to mention 300 shots fired at a suspect who was unarmed being a slight over extension of the use of force rules.  But I guess they had fun playing with their toys and they got a little carried away.  Sounds legit, right?

In any case, the game is in play, and the chess pieces are set.  It seems like the US Citizens have only 2 pieces left in the game, and are surrounded by the US Government on all sides.  The only thing I think that is holding the US Government at bay is the 2nd amendment, and the right to bear arms.  Once that gets compromised, then I think the US Government has the US Citizens in a checkmate, and the next move wins the game and removes all freedoms and liberties from the US Citizens.

The problem is, when the US Government checkmates the US Citizens, what move can the US Citizens make?  There are so many agencies, and the shit runs so deep, that they are surrounded by pieces.  They may take out one agency, and win one battle, but there will be another piece nearby to take their queen in the next turn.

Will the US Citizens up-rise, like the Europeans and Egyptians have been doing in violent protests for the past 2 years?  Doubtful.  As long as US Citizens are being fed entertaining and mind numbing TV programs, and can still maintain to stuff their face with McDonalds Cheeseburgers, I doubt anyone will really care enough to rise up.

In fact, if you ask the average person, it seems the response tends to be along the lines of "well, I have nothing to fear because I don't break the law.  We have to have some security to catch the bad people."  Of course they don't realize that most people, even law-abiding, outstanding citizens break at least 3 laws a day unknowingly.  So in a police state, if you piss someone off, a case against you could likely be fabricated enough to get you taken off the streets and disappeared with a fair amount of ease, especially with access to the massive amount of data being stored by the various agencies about your past habits.

Would the US Military step up and rise against the US Government and try to defend the US Citizens, or are they too compromised?  I wouldn't count on it, but if there is any hope, it is with them and their leadership.  That being said, the US Government has them so busy overseas, in endless police actions and unjust wars, that they are so worn out.  Mobilization would be slow and morale is kinda low.  Against a fresh domestic army of law enforcement personnel and intelligence agencies, they would likely not stand much of a chance.

This might be a bit of an extreme theory, but I can see it playing out this way.  And honestly, I don't see it playing out any other way at this point.

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