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The Alaskan Hideout

Note: This Article is meant to be slightly satirical and a bit of tongue in cheek. The Google images have since been updated. This is purely for entertainment purposes.

The strange blacked out strip of land, censored on Google Maps in Alaska has caused many to question what may be hidden in such a remote location in the Alaskan Wilderness.  Many speculate that it is a spy facility, or anti-ICBM facility.  Still others speculate that it is a alien research lab, or something to do with HAARP (Even tho it is a good 120 miles from HAARP).  I agree that this is a fishy thing.  With much of the earth being revealed in high resolution images now, and having had satellites map all of Mars, surely there is no spot of earth which has been bypassed for so long and has avoided detection of the prying eyes of the mapping satellites.  So it is my opinion that this area is being used for something which is being kept secret.

In the confines of the Alaskan Wilderness, what could it possibly be however?  The area is located within the Wrangell-St. Elias National Preserve.  An area supposedly set aside to preserve nature.  The area appears to be a glacial valley / mountain range.  For such a valley it is rather small, fitting into an area 2.8 miles wide, by 26.4 miles long.  That is the length and width of the blackened area.  Not all of that is however fully censored.  The Canadian side of it, and about 2 miles into the American side are viewable on Google Maps by zooming in far enough.  Even then however, the area outlines by what used to be the censored rectangle of doom, seems to include a strange haze and dark shadows along the borders of the censored area.  The shadows may be from clouds, but they do appear to be odd.

High resolution satellite imagery seems to be available in most of the regions surrounding this censored area as well.  But strangely enough, seems to cut off just before the censored area begins.  No online mapping programs seem to give any hint as to what is there.  Both Bing and Yahoo maps have photo-shopped the area.  Bing's photo shopping job is the most obvious.  Check it out:

Censored Alaskan Area from Google for Reference


Photo shopping obvious on Bing's version of the image.

Notice how everything is blotchy and overly matted on Bing's version?   Yahoo!'s is similar.  Also note that on Google's version it includes high resolution imagery as close as that lake in the top-right of each image.  The lake itself interestingly seems to look like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek in Bing's image.  Tho I am by no means suggesting that the shape of that lake has any significance to what is going on.  On the Wrangell-St. Elias National Preserve website, it mentions that the area is inhabited by people living off the land.  "Yet within this wild landscape, people have been living off the land for centuries and still do today."  This makes me wonder if this area is an off the grid community?  Perhaps similar to 'Atlantis, Mulligan's Valley or Galt's Gulch' as described in the book Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.  This was a secret valley, hidden from the general population and the government.  Force fields were used to keep prying eyes away via aircraft, and the remote mountain region was difficult for people to access via foot or land traffic.  This was a place where specific elites and great minds were granted access too as the world around them crumbled under government oppression and global greed / welfare state.

While this is a bit of a stretch.  I concur.  But it would be possible to set up a small self sustaining community as described in the book Atlas Shrugged, within a valley of this size.  It is small, sure, but it has fertile plains and I am sure that the mountains do harbor some interesting minerals.  On that note, let us investigate the USGS National Geochemical Survey samples for this area.  The two I found which were closest, were not directly in this valley, but were nearby.  Sample C-154972 and C-155089.  Nothing seems unusual.  However the Uranium readings do not seem to add up.

Also from the USGS site, the Radio Element Survey data seems to also avoid this area.  Notice the black area of unrecorded data near the "Th" on the map of Alaska.  Guess where that is?  That being said, the area around our mystery area is ripe with Uranium.  I find it odd that this USGS survey does not include our mystery land.  Don't you?  What else can we find about this area?  Well the USGS also has magnetic maps

The white area at in the top right of the image is the location of our mystery area.  This is a very high magnetic anomaly reading.  Mount mountains will have some anomalies.  But this specific group of mountains has a huge anomaly reading.  I wouldn't be surprised if the airspace in this area is restricted due to magnetic anomalies.  To give you an example, below is a full chart from another spot in Alaska showing typical readings.  Note that white is basically off the charts.


Whatever this is, it is a strange area.  It is only about a 26 mile kayak up the river from the closest highway.  I imagine this area is populated with grizzly bears, and wolves.  Maybe even Sasquatch!   Perhaps it is a hidden Sasquatch village?  Hmmm,  Road Trip anyone?


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