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Sandy Hook: A Theory?

A lot of people have theories of a government conspiracy in regards to Sandy Hook.  While I don't disagree that the incident has been used and extorted in ways to manipulate the media and regulations regarding gun ownership, this is one case where I am doubtful that the government had planned the entire incident (edit: that being said, the government conspiracy is also easier to believe then Adam simply going nuts).  The following has little basis, and is mostly hypothetical (that being said, the facts supporting Adam being the prime suspect are also somewhat questionable).  Some facts may seem to support the story however, but this is purely my imagination running wild on what could of happened.  Therefore it is to be considered a fictional alternative for the entertainment purposes of this blog. Adam was a very smart man, as stated by neighbors and other people who knew him.  Other then his illness there are no reports of him being a problem child in the past.  Him and his mother were close.  So why would this intelligent man turn into a violent mass murderer?  I, for one, do not believe that he did.  While I will not disagree that he may have been armed when he arrived at the school, I believe he was armed in self defense. I believe that this was a hit job, by a hired assailant, on behalf of Peter Lanza in order to kill his ex-wife.  The couple had a divorce and Peter Lanza was stuck paying huge sums of alimony towards Nancy.  The annual alimony payments totaled $289,800 in 2012 and based on the trend would of likely increased past $300,000 this year.  He makes pretty good money as a VP of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services.  Based on how he acted when he was confronted by reporters, he likely did not expect the hit job to go so sour. But who would he hire?  I would think in that position, one could afford the best.  But I think the best was outsmarted by Adam.  He was not able to keep Adam, a witness, from escaping after the hit job.    In order to retain his cover, he followed Adam to finish the job.  I believe the assailant was perhaps a police officer who was off duty.  Adam, likely armed himself in self defense.  And headed to some sort of safety, or some place he could find refuge, and tell someone.  His mothers School. He was chased, and shots were exchanged in the parking lot.  He fled into the school, and was allowed entry (or used his mothers ID card) to escape the gun fire, then the school was placed in lockdown. Adam ran to his mothers class room.  Meanwhile the assailant circled the school to find a way in.  At this point he was more concerned with the legal ramifications against him, then anything else.  He found a doorway to the gym unlocked, and entered, telling some students to leave the school for their own safety.  The gunman searched for Adam and found him in or near his mothers class room.  The pair opened fire again, and Adam was killed along with others in the hallway.  But he had already told his mothers class what had happened, and the gunman likely sensed this.  He opened fire on everyone in the class room.  He fled the school via the gym again, and was shortly arrested by the first arriving units on scene.  He likely told them he was passing by and tried to help and easily talked his way out of further suspicion.   This is an intriguing story and a great movie plot, but we will likely never know what happened on that fateful day.  One thing we definitely do not know is the truth.  I do not expect to ever find out the truth in this case, just like I never expect to find out he truth behind what happened on 9/11.  But I am entitled to imagine possible scenarios and this is one such scenario I have imagined with the limited amount of information available to me.

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