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Ron Paul usually knows what he is talking about...

But so many people seem to call him crazy. He is only deemed as being crazy because he rubs against the grain of American politics. He doesn't bow down to lobbying corporations, or special interest groups. I personally think that he has a true pulse of the nation, and will not be corruptible if he is given power. I believe he will work to bring back our freedoms and push back the police state that we are slowly advancing towards. But this is why they don't want him as president. The government, the bankers, the corporations, the police and the military seem to desire the police state. Now I am not saying all police officers, and bank tellers, and Walmart cashiers want a police state. In fact I believe that these people are the 99% and most of them feel the same way we do, however especially in law enforcement, they can't really express their true feelings, else they be deemed a terrorist sympathizer. It is the people in charge who was really pushing for total control of all the slaves of North America, and in fact the world! Big money is floating around, and changing hands all the time between huge corporations and governments. The news and television industry is part of this big money scheme. Be careful, for what you see on TV may not always be true. Watch how they put spins on things, and try to over dramatize specific events, especially if they will support current political actions.

Take a look at this video from CBC in Canada. What an ideal situation... two CF-18's scrambled to chase away 2 Russian long range bombers, just a day before a big decision to purchase new F-35's.

Notice however that no one even mentions which airbase the CF-18's were scrambled from, and why the bombers were in the area to begin with. How fitting. Who lives up in the Arctic who could of seen this? Did anyone see this, or hear about this operation going on other then through the news? i.e. on a scanner, or actually witness the events in the air? Likely not, because I am of the opinion that this event never happened to begin with. The defense department just created it out of thin air to bolster their argument to purchase the F-35's just because they want new toys and maybe because they are preparing for a new war.

So yeah... When you watch news. Do not just believe whats going on. Ask yourself, Why are they telling this story?

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