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Internet ID Fail!

President Obama has announced that he wants to push forward with his Internet ID plan.  Citing the apparently rising cost of dealing with internet malware and security threats, the US government wants to develop a system in which everyone who wishes to use the internet, must register with their service provider to gain access to the internet.  The service provider will provide the user a Internet ID of some sort, which will be linked to a federal government computer system, and will verify your identity online.

Apparently the goal of this faggotry is to get rid of the security flaw that is the password, and replace it with a fixed ID system which will be linked to your computer or mobile device.  This means that you will no longer need to enter passwords to access email, or your favorite social networking website, or your bank.  This system will just assume that since you are accessing it from your computer, you are who you say you are.

Great right?  Well not really.  Fact is this will take the anonymous aspect out of the internet.  The Federal Government will know what websites you frequent, what type of porn you like to watch (face it, many of us use the internet for porn), and even be able to monitor what we are typing on our blogs, and who reads our blogs.  And in combination with Net Neutrality, they could easily say "Hey, this guy is writing blogs that are critical of our Government, lets stick him on the terrorist watch list, and block his website from being able to be viewed in the USA."

Many other nations currently heavily police the internet.  China is one.  It is often used as a way to control the image of the government / nation, while at the same time limiting the information that the public has access too.  It is a good way to prevent social unrest - at least on paper.  If people are upset about the government, and they have an open form to share their thoughts with other like minded people, they will.  But if the government sticks its nose in, and heavily moderates that forum, then those people are less likely to share their thoughts.  This prolongs the life of the corrupt government.

There are many other problems with this system.  What if you are at a friends house and want to access your email?  You can't!  What if your computer or smart phone gets stolen?  Now the thief has access to your bank account, IRS and Medical Records.  Amazing!  Let alone how it will handle open wi-fi networks and if the system will even allow you to register more then one computer under your name!

And how about web servers.  Many web servers run many peoples websites on a single server.  And how will you treat websites and users originating from other countries?

This system is a pipe dream made up by politicians who do not know their ass from a SCSI port, and who think they should take Viagara for their Floppy Drives.  Do NOT support it!  Nothing good for us, the public, will come from it.

2012 can't come soon enough!

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