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Obama has willingly ruined the American economy.  I have been noticing the inflation has gotten so bad lately.  For example;  Electronics are usually expensive when they are first released, and then drop in price about 20 to 40% over the next couple years as they become popular and become cheaper to produce.  Let us take a LED Flashing light head for example.  A market that I follow closely.  5 Years ago when the  Axixtech LED Module was first released it cost about 60 bucks to purchase a single 4 LED module.  2 years later, the price had dropped to 45 dollars per module and stayed there for about 2 years.  Well over the last year, I have seen the price for that same module rise from 45, to 50.  Then to 60!   So we are back were we started. The same can be said about the prices of radios, computer components, and even gasoline, which is creeping upwards, not because of a supply demand issue, but because inflation is driving the cost up in US Dollars. If the US Government keeps creating money which doesn't exist, to flood the market and encourage jobs, or growth or whatever the hell their excuse is,  things will never improve.  Sooner or later a BigMac Meal at McDonalds will cost 50 dollars! My biggest suggestion is to downsize and privatize government operations.  For example, the Tonawandas, in Erie County, NY...   They have a population of about 100,000 when you combine Kenmore and the 'City of Tonawanda' into the Town of Tonawanda.  Yet there are 3 townships, and 3 mayors;  3 police departments, and town works departments; 7 fire companies, with about 16 fire stations, and collectively approximately 75 fire apparatus vehicles, all requiring state money and taxes to be repaired and funded. That could easily be downsized to one Mayor, one Police service, one Township run Fire Service, with 5 Fire Stations (with full time crews - and volunteer auxiliary crews), about 25 fire apparatus vehicles, One Town office, and One Works Department...  And this would save the state millions of dollars, and provide the same amount of services, or infact better services.  As the tax income could be redirected to infrastructure improvements or other projects which stimulate the economy and keep people employed. That is just one town.  Imagine if that was done in every town, in every state in America?   Yes some people like their small town values, and enjoy the quaintness of the small town mayoral system and having a voice in the small community politics.  I can understand that.  But if that is the case, then state or federal funding should not be approved for that town....  If they want that, they must pay for that through their own taxes. But hey, that is just me ranting...  I'll shut up now.  :)   Feel free to comment and debate.  I love comments!

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