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Harmonization of Laws

Today we shall discuss good old UN Agenda 21, and the topic of harmonizing laws between member countries.  First of all, I want to point out that the United Nations, is an international organization made up of 193 member states, all of which must agree to its current mandate and charter.  The structure of the UN is such, that the public has no say as to what is discussed, and what the outcome of any decisions are.  You have no real method of voicing your opinion or calling up your nearest UN Representative to ask him/ her to support your views on various subjects.  In effect, this is a closed government.  Elections are held internally, and in most cases, the people who represent the various countries at the UN, aside from their elected leaders, are appointed top level staffers.

I understand and support UN's supposed original goal.  To act as a global political moderator, and help settle issues between countries.  That is the only thing that the UN should be doing.  But it isn't.  The UN is involved in a variety of global projects, and their mandates and charter forces all member countries to go along with these projects.  One of the main projects is Agenda 21.  On the preamble, this document reads fairly harmless, and in some ways possibly beneficial to humanity as a whole. I have written about the sustainability aspect of this document in the past, and how perhaps population control in areas which aren't able to sustain large amounts of people is perhaps a good thing.  But again, is this UN's job to determine this type of stuff?  Should the lives and freedom of millions of people be decided by a closed government?  Probably not, but that is the new world order I suppose...

That being said, one of the scary things for me is the following.  Freedom of speech is important to me.  I am opinionated, and I value the ability to harmlessly express myself, either here on this blog, or in person with my friends and co-workers.  However, in places like the United Kingdom, there is no longer any Freedom of Speech, let alone any freedom of the press.  One has to only look at recent events there to see this.  Some higher level elected members of office in the UK have even been quoted as saying that Freedom of the Press no longer is to be expected in the UK.  Is this really serious?  Someone wore a T-Shirt saying 'One less pig, perfect justice' was sentenced to 8 months in jail for the this offense.  Despite the persons background, and the fact that perhaps this was an insensitive act, I still do not believe that this is an offense which warrants 8 months in jail.  Do you?  I suppose it doesn't matter however, as there is nothing we can do about it. This is the norm in the UK now.  People are even being jailed for Facebook statuses, which generalize and make fun of people.

So I guess the UK has kinda lost it.  The fictional world which was depicted in V for Vendetta is nearing closer and closer.  I imagine it would suck to live there.  I would suggest for people to get off of Facebook, and Twitter before they too get arrested, but no one will listen, as they are all sheep.  But when you get sued for re-tweeting your favorite celebrity's tweets, due to libel or other grounds, don't say I didn't warn ya.

Why do we care about all of this?  Well I am sure some of my readers are in the UK, and they likely care, but for those of us who aren't, including myself, what gives?  Well, remember what I was talking about earlier?  The UN, and the closed government that basically mandates policy world wide.  Yeah, that is what we need to worry about.  The UN has a mandate that aims at harmonizing and in some cases unification of all laws between all member states.  This will better help enforce laws internationally, and will assist with extradition processes.  So, since the UK is a member state, its laws will likely be harmonized with ours.  Freedom of speech and the press is under attack.  Sure the laws still have to be passed in each member country into law, but lately it seems the current leadership in the United States has no quams about creating laws out of thin air and passing them under executive order.

I suppose most of us are happy being sheep however, and nothing will be done.  The current leadership leads under a veil of depression and doom, forcing the public to fear for its own safety, if they stray from the 'norm'.  The 'norm' are brainwashed fools who watch Honey Boo Boo, and Jersey Shore, and other crap currently on prime time TV.  As an aside, I can't believe I watched both of those clips I linked for more then 10 seconds...  I felt my brain shriveling up and dying.  But yeah, I think that most people are too comfortable to get off their ass and make a difference in this world.  Sure, a revolution may not be pretty.  People may die.  But on the other hand, humanity will die if nothing is done about this.  The very things that make us human, and unique are under attack.  Are we all happy being drones, sitting around being told what to think?  Where is our creativity?  Where is our individuality?  Where are ourselves?  Who am I?  Who are you?

With the fiscal cliff approaching, the outlook seems dull here in the United States.  But this wasn't a topic in the recent election.  Everyone is fine with ignoring it, and doing as the are told, because we are all too pussy to even bring this type of shit up in conversation with our friends, as we are afraid that they might think we are crazy.  Well fuck them.  This country is full of spoiled losers, and that is the way this government likes it.  I at least have respect for the people in Europe.  They know how to protest and protect their freedoms.  Sure, the people in England get fucked over every time they riot, but they still go out and protest.  I am sure that most people in the USA don't even know of the shit that has been going down in Europe for the past two years now, let alone the current riots.  The American media blacks out much of that news, or only reports bits and pieces, as side notes.

So yeah, that is something to think about.  As far as I am concerned, writing this blog is my way of being active.  I hope I can reach some people who may be able to make a difference.  Sadly my hands are tied in many ways.  I can't do much of anything.  But I can still write...  For now anyway.

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