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GPS Cell Phones

A few nights ago I was monitoring a police call for a kidnapping.  Apparently a 30 something year old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to a house in Buffalo by an unknown person.  A friend or family member of the victim called her cell phone which she had on her, and ended up getting an open line on the phone.  The cell phone stayed open, letting police monitor what was going on and being said as the suspects unknowingly talked about their plans with police listening in.  They also heard what sounded like the victim being beaten. They attempted to get a trace on the phones location, however they could only get an approximate location (the GPS co-ordinates of the nearest cell tower).  This information would of seriously helpped police, but instead led them on a wild goose chase. I am not aware how the call turned out.  But I think that this is a very significant reason to have GPS tracking features in cell phones.  Forget about big brother...  I know that is the major argument against them.  In this case, that GPS tracking may very well have saved the womans life.  And not only in this case either. Many thousands of cell phone calls are dialed into 911 every year where a situation is taking place, but the dispatchers cant get an accurate location.  Having a system that sends dispatchers the GPS tracking data of the cell phone which is calling 911 may help save lives and reduce confusion. I think we should stop worrying about big brother monitoring our every move, and start thinking about our safety.  You never know when this technology could be used to save your life!

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