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God Bless America: Reviewed


So I had the chance to watch this today.  All I can say is that this is an interesting stance on the current media culture.  I am lucky enough to be surrounded by most people who go against the grain of the popular culture.  But, I do cringe whenever I turn on a television.  The movie does a good job at pointing out whats wrong with popular culture today.  It really drives the point across that, as a society, we have allowed ourselves to forget about what proper manners and etiquette are.

The movie does make a good point, in that back in the survivor days, directors had to shock the audiences by making people eat grubs and insects raw.  Now, that seems kinda tame, doesn't it?  These days, it seems, directors must go to great lengths to capture the limited attention of our rapidly growing ADD diagnosed population.  These lengths include being totally rude, having uneducated rich brats fight about what kind of car they wanted, after having been gifted a brand new car on their 16th birthday.  Not to mention two-girls-one-cup, and girls throwing tampons at each other.  The shock culture we all live in these days, and the fact that the population has been generally desensitized by the internet, is particularly disturbing.  How many people, men or women, who can really say that they have been emotionally moved by a film (doesn't have to be a new film) within the last 5 years?  I know I can get emotional.  I will tear up and cry a little if something sad happens.  But then again, I guess I am not very desensitized.

I find it bad that I can say I am not very desensitized, when I have seen people die in person, and worked in the emergency services for a few years...  But apparently I am less desensitized then most of the population out there.  Which is actually sad.

Back to the movie tho...   It is a must see.  The acting is, meh, alright.  Not overly impressive.  But the plot is pretty good.  Just make sure you lock your own guns up while your watching it, or else you may feel the temptation to start shooting people yourself! Actually, I don't think that that is a solution. The issues plaguing society today are so deeply rooted, that the only solution is long term educational change.

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