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Global Warming

Almost my whole adult life I have heard about Global Warming this and Carbon Footprint that.  I understand that the world will warm up, the ice caps will melt and alot of our coastal areas will be under water.  Scary isnt it? Now we humans are fairly smart people.  We have adapted to living in the hottest and coldest places on earth.  While sure, a lot of cities and property will be lost, and changes will have to be made, I do not think that global warming is something to really fear.  Frankly the human variable of pollution is just a small variable in a large chaotic environment known as Earth.  There are many other factors present which altar the direction of the Earths weather. The fact is that we can't stop what is happening, and nipping at the edges by trying to skim and reduce our emissions is not really worth the huge investment it takes.  Our energy would be better spent on preparing for a warmer climate and ensuring that infrastructure is in place to ensure that areas which will dry out and need water, get that water, and areas which will get too much water will be able to control or adapt to it. Adaptability is what separates us from most other creatures.  We can not fear change, because change will happen.  We should just try to prepare and adapt to change.

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