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G20 in Toronto...

I am sad to say that my original views on the G20 protects in Toronto were very skewed by mass media reports, which only showed one side of the story.  Therefore I kinda formed an opinion which was based on evidence which was highly skewed.  After I wrote my original article on the G20, I talked to a few friends from Toronto who were actually there, in person at both the Spadina riots, the Mass Arrest at Spadina, and the Parkdale rally, in which officer Bubbles was made famous.  In fact one of my good friends lives in, and runs one of the buildings which was featured as a central location in much of the footage in Parkdale. After talking with them for a bit, I quickly lost respect for the Toronto police, but was still unsure of what actually happened.   The above video really puts things into prospective. I must say that I have been getting more afraid for our freedoms over the last couple years, and in fact ever since 9/11.  I must say that the tyranny is starting to become very apparent in the western world.  How do we stand up for human rights?  I should correct myself, and change that to 'How do we stand up for our human rights, without facing imprisonment, or physical harm?'.  I do not want to cause problems, nor do I really want to hurt anyone, or damage anyone's property.  But I do kinda want to fight for my freedoms, while still earning a living, and living a safe and enjoyable life.  Is this possible?  I hope so!

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