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Egypt Riots

I must say I fully support the citizens of Egypt who are protesting for a better government.  But I wanted to talk about a severe lack of planning on their part.  From what I hear the protests were being set up via facebook and other social networking websites.  Well, the government had an answer to that:  shut down the internetz!  Social networking online is great, except in this case.  If I were the planners I would of had a network of wireless radio communication devices, and used mobile transmission stations to send out coded messages in addition to the social networking.  Ham radio and shortwave have a use in these situations! I myself have used radio communications extensively in black ops style missions, which required strategic planning and co-ordination.  I just really think that it would greatly help them to have a method of radio communication which would be kinda undetectable.  I am unsure what is allowed in Egypt legally, but I do think that they do have HAM radio operators.  One could even rig up low powered radios with digital messages stored on them, which broadcast periodically every 10 minutes or so, and hide them in places. My heart goes out to those people who are fighting oppression and corruption out there, and I wish them luck!  Eventually it may get that bad here, where we would need to follow in their footsteps.  So lets pay attention to this.  :)

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