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Does anyone really care?

So it has been a busy week. Lots of shit going down. I have been wanting to write about some of it, however I also wonder if people who read this blog actually care or agree with my viewpoints. Since no one really comments, I imagine that maybe people are offended or indifferent about my writings. Are there open minded / free thinkers out there who actually read this blog?

Some brief thoughts, I don't really think that West, Texas was a terrorist related incident - tho there was some suspicious events. I believe it was a BLEVE incident. Tho I was afraid right away after hearing about this event, because I fear that the event will punish industry by requiring more regulations to be put into law, which would make it even harder for big industry to operate in this country. I am afraid that the paranoia about industry will lead to people protesting industry and eventually shunning industry from all of our towns.

As for Boston... I believe it is a false flag. There are a number of reasons behind this theory.

The Ricin scare is lame. It needs to be injected or consumed. I do not believe it would be easy to inhale Ricin. I believe it is more effective being injected. I also feel that it is strange that they have a suspect so quickly.

The country needed to scare the public again. They need to recreate the fear and paranoia from 9/11 because too many people were beginning to question the whole 'War on Terror'. So why not kill off a few people in order to scare the public again?

I understand a suspect is now dead after a shoot out and chase with police.  I imagine he was innocent and just defending himself.  He was likely set up by the FBI, so he may have figured out that he was being set up, and perhaps changed his mind.  Maybe it wasn't supposed to actually blow up, but if he is in fact the person who planted the bombs, maybe he decided to detonate them earlier then anticipated - which may have thrown off the FBI who were perhaps planning on finding the bombs just before they blew up to make a dramatic scene.  I don't know...  Or maybe it was the CIA? or DHS?  We have too many god damned agencies in this country, seriously.

Anyhow, comment please :)    I would like to see more participation.

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