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I was asked to watch this video.  Uhm...   Well what to say about it...

It is a well produced video.  That is for sure.   Problem is, it consists of a bunch of people with special titles talking about weather modification.   They talk about truths, but they do not explain or show their science.

I generally do not believe in Chem-trails, however watching this video, I can see how it is possible that they do exist.   That being said, I do not believe that many of the 'facts' spoken about in the video are true.  For one, I know HAARP is not a weather modification device.  This would be very hard to do, and I really haven't heard a scientific explanations of how this is done.   Earthquake machine? maybe... Weather modification?  no.

I could see however, how Monsanto and the government may be manipulating weather patterns, and crop generation in order to control the food supplies to try to adhere to the United Nations Agenda 21.  Elites of the world have been quoted as suggesting that"The great culling" has begun.  The great culling, being the killing off of more then 80% of the worlds human population.  I could see AIDS and Flu vaccines, being major factors in this, but for the rest of us, I believe that it will be a survival of the fittest, or wealthiest.  If we can afford the rising fuel and food prices, then we are worthy of being the 20% of humans who will live into the future under the NWO.

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