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On the eve of Obamas Convention I wanted to talk a bit about how I, as a 'non american', views the current American political situation. Prior to coming to the United States, I would not of considered myself political. Sure I voted in Canada, but I really didn't care about what went on. Perhaps I didn't have to care? perhaps the Canadian political system somehow worked itself out and the 'greater good' seemed to prevail. When the World Trade Centers were hit with planes, I like many people in Canada were very angry and scared. Our southern friends, America, had just been attacked. I lost a friend in the attacks, although I didn't know him very well, he was a firefighter. So I was very much behind the 'war on terror' and supported the efforts to find Osama Bin Laden. Of course we never did find him... nor did it seem that America was real intent on finding him. It seems the Canadians were doing more work in Afghanistan then the Americans were. I was very confused during this, that the American leadership took this vulnerable time in American history to decide to attack Iraq. We have already heard proof that the Bush Administration just wanted to start the war on Iraq in spite. Bush just wanted Suddam Hussein taken out of power. It was personal. Going into the war, It was fairly evident that something was not right. The evidence was sketchy, and they did not have UN approval. I asked myself many times why they were doing this, to no avail. There seemed to be no logical reason for a war, aside from personal spite - perhaps a political deal gone bad. None the less, I feel that many hundreds of American and British soldiers have needlessly died in a war which was unjust. There could be many many reasons why this war was started. Anything from simply 'lining Bush's pockets with a lot of warbucks' from stocks, to a control of the massive oil reserves (also helping to pad his pocket). I hardly believe it was specifically because of the minor human rights issues which happened in Iraq previous to the war. And since there is no evidence of such chemical weapons, I do not believe that was actually a legitimate reason to start a war. Now when I say minor human rights issues... Sure people were tortured, and killed... But there are other countries and leaders in the world which are STILL torturing and killing people in vast numbers, which the White House has apparently ignored or dismissed and in some cases, acted as a 'supplier' of arms to some of those countries. Whatever the cause, The war ended up being proven to be declared under incorrect terms. I find it funny that the Republicans seem to keep suggesting that we need to continue the war. Why? I am sure Iraqis are smart enough to figure out how to run their own country. Coming to America after marrying my American wife, has really been scary. As a Canadian, I feel like a 'terrorist'. Of course I am not a terrorist. Unless writing in a blog about how poorly I think the country is being run, is considered terrorism. But alas. I can not really describe what it feels like to live here every day as a 'non american'. I constantly am afraid that some Immigration, or Department of Homeland Security officers will break down my door and detain me for questioning, because I was simply involved in a hobby called 'Urban Exploration' where I would walk into abandoned buildings and take artistic photos. Living in fear like this, has been a real eye opener. Sure I am allowed to be here. But with the amount of power authorities have now, and lack of freedoms that people have in this country now - I am constantly afraid of being pulled over while on a trip to the store, and detained for a few days while they try to sort out if I belong here or not. Sure I could go back to Canada. But that is not where I live. My wife lives here, and has a decent job. And I live here with her. I will NOT live somewhere else. That is NOT FREEDOM. This country really needs a change. Because it is not all that great at the moment. It needs a major change! And I truly believe that Obama can bring the country this change. As a non American, I must say, there is not a Political candidate I have EVER seen which shows as much promise as Obama. Granted he has a lot of work to do, to rebuild what the Bush administration had ruined. But I feel that he can handle it. One of the major problems I think is that the White House and other political divisions, do not seem to care about the low and medium income families in America at all. It seems to me, that almost everyone in the Bush Administration seems to have a vested interest in a major company, and is making a lot of stock money on the side. It seems the only people who are doing well in this country right now, are people who have a lot of money. There is very little attention being paid to anyone who has yearly incomes less then $200,000 a year. And they seem to be tossed aside. The large companies, with the republican government on their side, have completely ruined this country in the 8 years of Bush's administration. I think if the Republican party continues to rule, the country WILL rise up and fight against the government, because so many people are outraged and stressed to the point of breaking. I proudly say that I support Obama fully, and I believe that any intelligent and educated person should support Obama. I would really love to see this country turn around and shine again. I could say a lot more about this I am sure. But I think I have said enough for now :) - Roadwolf,

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