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Wolf Story 2

Chapter One

A cold wind blows through the tall pines, as a wolf stands in a clearing and looks up at the tallest of the trees curiously.  The snow crunching under his paws as he turns and begins to walk back into the woods.  He shivers a little as the wind picks up his fur, blowing it against the grain.  He turns to let the wind blow the fur back down again.  His sense of smell almost useless in this weather, he relies on his vision tonight.  A light snow flurry is making navigation even more difficult.  If it wasn't for a dull orange glow lighting the low overcast sky, he probably couldn't see a thing, even with his refined night vision.

Keeping a low profile to stay out of the wind, the wolf stalks down the side of a rocky hill.  Through the trees he can see the orange light which is helping him navigate.  Curious he decides to investigate.  He emerges into a clearing, likely a frozen over lake, and trots across the exposed open area towards the other side.  The orange light teasingly shining through the trees on the other side of the lake.

This is the wolfs first winter alone.  He has been finding it tough to find food, and is dangerously hungry.  He has been traveling South for almost a full moon cycle it seems.  He doesn't really know where he is going, but he knows that he doesn't want to be where he was.

Climbing up the rocky embankment on the other side of the lake, the wolf sees the object that has been lighting his way for the past hour since the sun set.  Approaching carefully through the underbrush, he emerges onto a long narrow clearing, with another similar clearing branching off, away from the lake, beside the orange light.  Standing in the center of the clearing, he stops and stares up into the orange light.  Mounted on, what looks to him like a gray tree trunk, the orange light hums slightly, a sound barely audible to the his ears above the rushing of the wind.

Looking away from the light, he shakes his head and closes his eyes, seeing spots from the bright light which is now effecting his night vision.  Opening his eyes again, they adjust and focus on strange looking objects up the clearing that travels away from the lake.  He trots along, his paws crunching in the cold snow, and approaches the strange looking objects.

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