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The Furry World

I have been doing some soul searching, as it were, to figure out what being a furry is all about.  I am mostly trying to figure out where I fit in, in this strange but inviting sub-culture.  As with most aspects of my life, I find myself lost in a type of Purgatory, a middle ground.  Here, everyone seems to be either better, or worse then I, with few people being my equals.  I find that it is difficult to relate to most people, and friendships outside of work are difficult to maintain.  The same would be true in the furry world. I have few furry friends.  The few I do have, are either reminants from days past, living in Toronto with the UER crowd, or from my online gaming clan.  But none of them I am extremely close with.  The few I have been close with in the past, have fallen by the wayside.  Mostly because I left Facebook, which is where many of them tended to hang out.  I also found out that one close friend I had who claimed to be a female cat, was indeed a male.  So that kind of made me back away for a bit and try to figure things out. I have been hopping onto Omegle a lot lately, and chatting to others who have the interest 'furry' marked as a common interest.  I have met an interesting cross section of people who claim to be furry.  In most cases I would ask them what their inspiration for being furry was, and how serious they get into the sub-culture.  Do they fursuit? roleplay? draw? write?  Most did not fursuit.  A majority were also under the age of 18, and had inspirations in cartoons and video games, or pop culture (like My Little Pony, or Twilight).  Surprisingly, and somewhat shockingly, most of the teenagers were on Omegle to yiff, a furry code word for Erotic Role Playing.  I would not partake in this, but some would beg and lead causing me to disconnect from chat a few times to avoid them.  Most however were fairly happy to just talk about their interests in normal conversation, which is what I was looking for. The older furs, tended to be more mature, as to be expected.  I had the sense that their age and sex was more believeable.  There likely aren't that many 17 year old female fox furries in the world. considering that female furries seem to only make up about 5% of the adult fury world.  Most adults are male, and have inspirations related to disney cartoons or comic books.  Maid Marian, a female fox from Disney's Robin Hood, was a popular attractor and sex figure.  I must say that the female cartoon fox was my first crush, and crafted the image of what I believe to be a very attractive lady in my eyes.  The small nose, flat face with wide cheeks, like a chipmunk...   There was one woman who worked at the radio station I worked at who did qualify under my desired looks, but she never paid much attention to me.  Anyhow....  It seems that the adult furries enjoy the social aspect of the sub-culture, and also enjoy the fact that it is a way for them to express themselves without showing their face.  They can act out their actions as their character, and not feel silly about it when they take off their mask.  It is a method of escape from reality for a moment, a change of pace, and an alternate world where rules, and society don't exist. For me, my inspiration lies in a few places... This was a post from 2012. I never published it as I never finished it, however, I shall continue it now I ended up figuring out that I was more of a Therian. Having a spiritual connection to a wild wolf, as opposed to any other reasons. Furry culture, has its issues, but also does have a lot of love and innocence as well.

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