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Scajaquada's Wolf Pack

So I have a wolf pack RP on IMVU.  Surprise, surprise right?

~looks around innocently~   Okay well, maybe not much of a surprise.

Anyhow, since wolf social behaviors seem to be highly misunderstood, I figured a bit of an overview might be a good idea.  Thus this is the post I shall refer new people wishing to venture into the pack's wilds to, in order to understand some of our behaviors.

Feral Valley is the room in question.  This is considered our packs main room.  We run a realistic sub-T1 RP.  It is a casual RP of medium to high skill.  Meaning that much of the rules I have discussed in the Fantasy Role-Playing 101 series apply.  Also, being realistic, the animals or human visitors can only use skills or force which is approperate for whatever character they are playing.

Please see the group page for further information about this.


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