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Role Playing Portal?

So I have been thinking of a concept for a web based role playing game portal, which involves users playing in post by post based RP which would be set within pre defined settings.  The idea is similar to what was done with the forums and on Oregon Trail, however with a custom made portal which will limit characters to one response per turn, and to only be active in one setting at a time.  Each setting will be searchable and each character searchable. The storyline will also be searchable and timestamped, so that someone can go back and watch how the story progressed over time at each location, and how the web of plots is weaved to create the story.

The problems I have to overcome, mainly stem from inactive users.  How to flag a user which has been idle for over 24 hours, and work them out of a storyline, or perhaps allow someone else to take it over?  Some people get very attached to characters, so taking the control away from them might ruin their experience.  Also some characters share the users personality traits, therefore allowing someone else to take over tends to change their personality.

One option would be o include a multiple choice response system which allows users to decide pre-determined responses to actions, easily to keep the action rolling.  But that will likely remove from the personal touch of the storyline.

Ideas from fellow roleplayers would be welcomed.

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