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Roady's Pack

The forum I recently installed for the purpose of administering the Minecraft server, and the Model Railroad, has found another purpose.  Role Playing.  Several of my friends are also Role Players (RP'ers) and have begun to role play in a section of the forum.  The idea grew and has now evolved into various topics with different themes and settings.  So far it has all been non sexual and introductory.

I do hope to keep it fairly clean, and allow the RP to evolve into a continual storyline told my the characters involved.  But it will unfold however it unfolds.

That being said, I am also looking for new wolves to join my pack, or any other character which will bring life to this Role Play environment.  So if you are interested in joining, feel free to register at and provide me with a paragraph of sample RP.

On that note, my story is coming along.  It seems that a common theme in my stories is that I tend to be a cast away, or an outcast of some sort.  This seems to align closely with my life.  Few people it seems will take the time to really get to know me.  Therefore I am often on my own, wandering the borders of pack territories, looking for a place to call home.  I have long ago given up in the race to become an alpha.  Perhaps I am old and tired, or just jaded or lazy.

But maybe this RP will do me well.  Maybe I will find that pack I have been seeking.  Maybe you will find that pack you have been seeking too!  Roady's Valley (the fictional valley in my first story) is open to all animals.  Find your place there, and join in the great story.



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