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River Treed

This is a raw transcript from my wolf pack chat room, from Spring of 2014. It was all pretty much OCC (Out of Character), and we were just chatting casually.

Guest_Nickarah has joined the chat
Scajaquada: hey river
Guest_EmberRose101Guest_EmberRose101 : heyyy river ^^
Guest_MizzyShadows: Hi river ^^
V1ADTEPEZ: kind of yeah. why?
V1ADTEPEZ: what brought that up
V1ADTEPEZ: haven really seen rose on
Guest_MizzyShadows: Small world ^^
V1ADTEPEZ: you two?
Guest_MizzyShadows: Well have fun guys I gotta run.
Guest_EmberRose101: kk ttfn ruku
Guest_MizzyShadows has left the chat
Guest_EmberRose101: lol
Guest_EmberRose101: sorry ruku
Guest_EmberRose101: lol
Guest_EmberRose101: i ment mizzy
Guest_Nickarah: Heeeeeeeyyyy :3 Im back from Freezing
V1ADTEPEZ: reason i am using vlads is because i am in my imvu job on my account
Scajaquada: ~nods~
Guest_EmberRose101: ohhh okay
Guest_EmberRose101: lol wb river
TailishaDeFoxx: hey Riv
V1ADTEPEZV1ADTEPEZ : did you make a new account
Guest_Nickarah: XDD Sorry back. I ws snuggling Molli becuase shes being all lovey dover :3
Guest_EmberRose101: me?
Guest_Nickarah: dovey**
Guest_EmberRose101: yes i sure did ^^
Guest_Nickarah: was*
V1ADTEPEZ: rose sent you a friend request
Guest_EmberRose101: yes i saw one sec ^^
Guest_EmberRose101: done it is accepted
V1ADTEPEZ: can i ask how are you and ber?
Guest_EmberRose101: sure
Guest_Nickarah: o,.,o
Guest_EmberRose101: we are great thanks for asking
Guest_EmberRose101: i just wanted a new avi so i created this account
Guest_Nickarah: -glomps Rosey - ^,.,^
Guest_EmberRose101: eep -gets glomped- heyyy river
Guest_EmberRose101: ^^
Guest_Nickarah: ^,.,^ IM IN A WIERDLY GOOD MOOD :D
Scajaquada: :)
Guest_EmberRose101: lol i thought of a dirty comment but i aint gonna say it :P
Guest_Nickarah: o,.,o
Scajaquada: >.>
Guest_EmberRose101: lol
Guest_Nickarah: o,.,o -nibbles ear-
Scajaquada: whos ear?
Guest_Nickarah: o,.,o The one me glomped
Scajaquada: lol ok
Guest_EmberRose101: -flicks ear-
Guest_Nickarah: -nibbles- o,.,o
Scajaquada: i am gonna watych a movieeee
Guest_Nickarah: o,.,o Watch wittttthhhhh
Scajaquada: no one :(
V1ADTEPEZV1ADTEPEZ : rose can i invite you to the other room, its another slow night
TailishaDeFoxxTailishaDeFoxx Whisper: mew?
Guest_EmberRose101: sure
Guest_EmberRose101: -flicks ear and scratches her it-
Guest_luckygirl21iron has joined the chat
Guest_Nickarah: >,.,> Nom nom nom nom nom
V1ADTEPEZ: girl dont be sending random frined invites
Guest_EmberRose101: -flicks ear as it is getting full of saliva-
Guest_Nickarah: -wags tail and rugs it- o,.,o
Guest_EmberRose101: lol river is that you noming my ear?
TailishaDeFoxx: brb
Guest_EmberRose101Guest_EmberRose101 WhisperGuest_EmberRose101 Whisper: tyt tailz
Guest_luckygirl21iron has left the chat
Guest_Nickarah: tugs* o,.,o Mayyybbbbbe tyt
Guest_EmberRose101: ow hey -paws at river's face-
Guest_Nickarah: >,.,> -chews softly- o,.,o
Guest_EmberRose101: oww river -shakes head- get off that hurt :P
Guest_Nickarah: Its soooofffy Dx Im not even using my teeeettthhhh -whimpers-
Guest_EmberRose101: lol but it still hurts here nom my paw
Guest_NickarahGuest_Nickarah : -jumps on her paw-
Guest_RukunOtakuGuest_RukunOtaku WhisperGuest_RukunOtaku Whisper: @.@ shoping sucks...
Guest_EmberRose101: lol
Guest_EmberRose101Guest_EmberRose101 Whisper: i just bought myself two new things from the shop
Guest_Nickarah: -pokes her brothers nose- o,.,o If you wer vip i'd just give you the shop together option xDD
Guest_EmberRose101: one sec gotta close my window its raining
Guest_RukunOtaku: hold on sis wait tel Miss gets back
Guest_EmberRose101Guest_EmberRose101 Whisper: im also grabbing myself a snack ^^
Guest_RukunOtaku: right i need one here soon
Guest_MizzyShadows has joined the chat
Guest_Nickarah: Brb Din din
Guest_RukunOtaku: tyt
Scajaquada: wb mizzy
Guest_RukunOtaku: beb
Guest_RukunOtaku: brb*
Guest_MizzyShadows: Hi ty
Guest_Nickarah: Alright backles o,.,o Tyt brother (and anybody know why he asked me to wait for Mizzy @.@)
Guest_MizzyShadows: What?
Guest_MizzyShadows: Who ?
Guest_EmberRose101Guest_EmberRose101 : he means tailz river
Guest_EmberRose101: wb mizzy
Guest_EmberRose101: and im back ^^
Scajaquada: what? lol
Guest_MizzyShadows: Oh.
Scajaquada: oh yeah
Scajaquada: because ruku calls Tailz miss
Guest_Nickarah: @.@ Oh... I thought he was talking about Mizzy o.o and weba
Scajaquada: lol
Guest_MizzyShadows: Lol
Guest_Nickarah: o,.,o
Guest_RukunOtaku: back
Guest_MizzyShadows: wb
Guest_Nickarah: Weba :o
Guest_EmberRose101: wb
Scajaquada: wb
Guest_RukunOtaku: thank you ^.^
Guest_Nickarah: -glomps her brother- LET ME CHEW YOOOOOOUUUU!!! CHEWWWWWW DX
Guest_MizzyShadows: XD
Guest_RukunOtaku: -o.o dodges and hides- NUUUUUU
Guest_EmberRose101: im going on my other account ^^
Guest_EmberRose101 has left the chat
Guest_Nickarah: o,.,o -glomps and attaches to his tail- YESH! Q.Q I NEED SOMETHING TO CHEWWWWW
Guest_RukunOtaku: Meep O,O NUUU -picks her up and throws her on scajs tail- hehe chew on that
Guest_MizzyShadows: Lol
Guest_Nickarah: o,.,o Chew. -chews-
Scajaquada: hey
Guest_Nickarah: ?Nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: bom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Scajaquada: ~pulls tail away~
Guest_MizzyShadows: *giggles*
Guest_Nickarah: -clings to it- o,.,o CHEW!
Scajaquada: here is a stick ~hands her a stick~
Guest_rosebud101d has joined the chat
Guest_RukunOtaku: wb rose
Guest_rosebud101d: ty ^^
Guest_Nickarah: -chews stick in half and goes back to tail- Its more chewy- Weba Rosey
Guest_MizzyShadows: hi Rose
Guest_RukunOtaku: -watching them falling to the ground laughing-
Guest_rosebud101d: heyyy mizzy
Scajaquada: ugh... ~fumbles around and pulls out his crop... glances back~
Guest_rosebud101d: lol
Guest_Nickarah: <,., Guest_rosebud101d: ty river
Scajaquada: ~gives river a swat on the tush...~ nu chewy
Guest_MizzyShadows: *sickers*
Guest_MizzyShadows: snickers*
Guest_rosebud101d: -bursts out laughing-
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,< -growls and bitesharder- No swat.
Scajaquada: ~raises his eyebrow... and flicks the tip of his tail...~
Scajaquada: ~brings the crop to her jaw, caressing the tip across her chin...~ here bite this...
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,< -growls and taps tail with a frown biting at his hand-
Guest_RukunOtaku: -giggles watching-
Scajaquada: ~uses the crop to deflect her lunge towards his hand..~ be good river... :P
Guest_RukunOtaku: -tackles scaj and giggles hugging him-
V1ADTEPEZ has left the chat
Guest_RukunOtaku: hi ^.^
Scajaquada: oh hai
Guest_rosebud101d: lol
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,< No. -chews-
Scajaquada: ~swats randomly at river lightly~
Guest_RukunOtaku: >.< -gets off and goes back to waiting for Miss-
Scajaquada: lol i was swatting while being pounced on by you
Guest_Nickarah: -growls and clings more- o,.,o
Scajaquada: I think she likes the pain tho... lol
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,<
Guest_RukunOtaku: haha -grins and giggles- ikr
Guest_Nickarah: Chew.
Scajaquada: ~cringes~
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Guest_Nickarah: nom
Scajaquada: river... dont make me make you submit :P
Guest_Nickarah: >,.,> -growlsand goes back to chewing- Chew.
Scajaquada: ~growls and turns, pulling on his tail as he curls his body to face her~
Guest_RukunOtaku: haha do it scaj -whispers in his ear- she really loves it when you do -winks
Guest_RukunOtaku: -*
Scajaquada: thats what i am afraid of :P
Guest_MizzyShadows: *shakes her head and giggles*
Guest_RukunOtaku: lmao right ^.^
Guest_Nickarah: -growls and sets ears flat looking at him chewing it harshly before letting go and bolting behind her brother-
Guest_Nickarah: Shut
Guest_Nickarah: u[
Guest_Nickarah: up*
Guest_Nickarah: Ruku
Scajaquada: ~he pulls his tail back, fluffing it, and squinting at her suspiciously, tapping the crop against his hand...~
Guest_MizzyShadows has left the chat
Guest_Nickarah: -smirks and peeksout wagging her tail-
Guest_RukunOtaku: O.O -growls and turns picking up is sis and grins evilly- here Sir - trows her lightly at his feet- do as you wish ^..^
Guest_Nickarah: >,.,> -growls and bites her brothers paw- Traitor.
Scajaquada: ~he blinks looking down at river... then at ruku... then back at river... he taps his crop against his hand again...and cocks his head to the side a bit~
Guest_Nickarah: -sticksouttoung-
Guest_RukunOtaku: hehe wuve you sis ^.^
Guest_Nickarah: sticks out toungue*
ScajaquadaScajaquada : ~reaches the crop out to gently tap up against the underside of her chin...~ be good river, and no biting hard :P
Guest_NickarahGuest_Nickarah : Uh huuuuuh >,.,> -growls andbites at the crop glaring at him- <,.,< No. Be. Good. Be good bad. -bolts-
Guest_rosebud101d: lol
Scajaquada: ~lifts the crop back up and grasps it with his left hand... watching her bolt.~ Someone is... wound up ~he smirks~
Guest_Nickarah: -Runs back to her brother and tackles him- >,.,>
Scajaquada: ~chuckles and sits back down~
Scajaquada > Guest_Nickarah: hehe naughty :P
Guest_RukunOtaku: O.O
Guest_Nickarah whispers: >,.,> No hyper and bored.
Guest_Nickarah: Your. A. Traitor. Time. To. Pay.
Guest_RukunOtaku: -ish tackled and giggles - what sis?
Guest_Nickarah: -bites his ears and tugs them-
Guest_RukunOtaku: >///> i want to play a different way
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,<
Scajaquada: ~blinks~
Guest_Nickarah: -tugs her brothers ears and nibbles on them- Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom.
Guest_RukunOtaku: -GROWLS_
ScajaquadaScajaquada : ~chuckles~
Guest_RukunOtaku: -*
Guest_RukunOtaku: >.> NO TOuchy THE EARS
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,< Then no betray me again.
Guest_RukunOtakuGuest_RukunOtaku Whisper: -pinches her butt hard-
Guest_Nickarah: O.O >,.,> -bites his paw hard not lettinggo-
Guest_RukunOtaku: -growls and picks her up using the arm she is biting and daggles her over the fire- >,>
Scajaquada: such interesting siblings.
Guest_Nickarah: -growls and jumps up onto his shoulders shoving him into the fire tackling Scaja- :3 Hi
Guest_RukunOtaku: -yelps and runs around on fire- T.T
Scajaquada: ~paws at river and loks around her his eyes wide at ruku...~
Scajaquada: jump in the river
Guest_Nickarah: -smirks- :3 Have fun.
Scajaquada: ~blinks and looks at river, straight into her eyes...~
TailishaDeFoxx: baq
Guest_Nickarah: Whaaaaaat -sets ears flat- He did itttt
Guest_RukunOtaku: -runs into the river-
TailishaDeFoxx: -blinks- what did i miss?
Scajaquada: ~wraps his arms around her and stands up, lifting her against him...~ oh did he now?
Scajaquada: wb tailz
Scajaquada: uhm, i dont even know where to begins
TailishaDeFoxx: -smirks- why ruky is in the river....
Scajaquada: you may need to groom some singed fur off of him
Guest_Nickarah: o,.,o -Yelps and folds tial under self pushing him to get away from him- Nuuuuuuuu
Scajaquada: river is being naughty and i shall punish her.
Guest_Nickarah: >,.,> I am notttttt
Guest_rosebud101d: wait what just happened?
Guest_Nickarah: RUKU BETRAYYYEDDD MEEE >,.,>
TailishaDeFoxx: awwww
TailishaDeFoxx: how so Riv?
Guest_RukunOtaku: -cools off in the lake growling=
Guest_rosebud101d: tailz what are you doing if i may ask?
Scajaquada: ~carries river over to a tree, holding onto her~
Guest_rosebud101d: oooo ye going to tie river to a tree scaj? ^^ -bounces up and down in anticipation-
Scajaquada: i was contemplating that...~
Guest_Nickarah: >,.,> He gaveme to Scaja forpunishment and so I bit his ears and he heldme over the fire so I jumped on his shoulders nd he went into the fire. >,.,> -growls and sqirms biting into Scaja's paws-
Guest_RukunOtaku: -goes back up to them and watches as he dries off-
TailishaDeFoxx: -giggles shaking her head- i just got back with my ice cream hehe
Guest_rosebud101d: lol
Guest_RukunOtaku: <--- drinking monster right now
Guest_Nickarah: -wants another cherri pepsi=-
Guest_RukunOtaku: -.- thats why you like this
Scajaquada: ~he walks up to the tree, and leans against it, pressing rivers back against the trunk, grasping at a strap...~ River do I really need to do this or will you be good?
Guest_RukunOtaku: LMAO!!!
TailishaDeFoxx: -smiles softly watching licking her lips crossing her legs looking at ruky and patting the spot next to her-
Guest_RukunOtaku: ^.^ meep -sees Miss hand move and goes over to her sitting next to her curling up and rest his head in her lap watching sis giggling-
TailishaDeFoxx: whats up with your hair Scaj?
Scajaquada: lol
Guest_Nickarah: -foldspaws over chestwith a huff- >,.,>
TailishaDeFoxx: -runs hand over ruky's fur lightly-
Guest_Nickarah: No. And No.
Scajaquada: ~looping a strap around one of her wrists... he reaches around and grabs the other end of it, pulling it tight around the tree...~ Oh... damn.
Guest_RukunOtaku: -blushes and murrs lightly -
Guest_rosebud101d: lol -watches scaj snickering-
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,< -growls-
Scajaquada: ~pulling it tight, he wraps it around her other wrist... tightening it, her arms stretched~
TailishaDeFoxx: -smirks watching-
Guest_Nickarah: -taps tail with a pouting face with a growl-
Scajaquada: ~he steps back and studies her...~ no growling river...
Guest_rosebud101d: -thinks dirty thoughts and snickers still watching scaj- ^^
Guest_Nickarah: -growls louder and sets ears flat again-
TailishaDeFoxx: -tilts head wondering how Scaj will handle the little she demon
Guest_Nickarah: >,.,>
Scajaquada: ~takes his crop and slides it down her right side softly...~ I did ask you to cease your growling river... ~he looks into her eyes~
Guest_rosebud101d: she was noming my ear earlier
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,< Sooooo... im tied to a tree.
Guest_Nickarah whispers: >,.,> You are so wrong. XD
Scajaquada: Don't talk back to me like that river.... ~he swats at the side of her waist firmly....~
Guest_rosebud101d: o.O the dreaded crop is alive!
Guest_rosebud101d: lol
Scajaquada > Guest_Nickarah: let me know if i am going too far tho, i am just messing around because i am bored, lol
Guest_Nickarah: -whimpers- <,.,<
Guest_Nickarah whispers: XDDD
Scajaquada: ~he slides the crop down her leg slightly, and then back up her side, softly petting it against where he slapped her...~ very good...
Scajaquada: ... Now are you sorry for pushing your brother into the fire?
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: fudge haha
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: what? :P
Guest_Nickarah: -.- Nupe.
Guest_rosebud101d: -pounces and chews on a dead branch-
Scajaquada: I see... ~caresses the crop over her chest slowly....~ Well I guess we need to work on that.
TailishaDeFoxxTailishaDeFoxx Whisper whispers: haha XP ohh just a very close playmate seems to have taken a very deep liking to me hehe but no likes to share hehe
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: oh i figured, lol
Guest_Nickarah: -growls and nipz at Crop- He had be over the fire I jumped up to get away from it. He did it!
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: have fun with that :P river knows i am just messing around, were both just bored, so its just idle play
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: lol i guessed as much is cute though hehe
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: oh ya knows me hehe i'm stuborn haha
Scajaquada: ~flicks the crop up to swat under her chin a few times...~ what did I tell you about biting....
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,< Your swattttinnng meeee
Scajaquada: Its less painful then biting....
Scajaquada: Would you rather I bite you?
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,< Im biting the swatter michene!
Scajaquada: ~caresses the crop under her chin~
TailishaDeFoxx: -grins-
Scajaquada: ~caresses the tip of the crop across to her shoulder, and softly along the top of it towards her left arm...~
Scajaquada: I don't imagine you would like me biting you river... ~he grins~
Guest_Nickarah: -.- -growls and bites at theCrop again- OFFFFFFFFFFFF
Scajaquada: ~pulls the crop away and then swatts at her left thigh firmly...~ what did I say about growling.
Guest_RukunOtaku: hehehe :P
Guest_Nickarah: -whines and folds tail inbetween legs- >.< Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I WANT OFFFFF
Guest_rosebud101d: river is in deep doodoo
Guest_rosebud101d: lol
Guest_Nickarah: Q.Q OFFFFFFF
Scajaquada: ~smacks her again~ quiet you.... you shall not demand such from me.
Guest_Nickarah: Q.Q -whines and paws at him her eyes turning into puppy dog eyes-
Guest_rosebud101d: awww how cute....evil but cute ^^
ScajaquadaScajaquada : (your paws are restained with a strap to the tree_)
Guest_Nickarah: [>,.,> Then with my taiiiiil]
Guest_RukunOtaku: -grins watching biting his lip and looks at miss ^.^-
Scajaquada: ~he eyes her body and then turns looking at ruku...~ Ruku, do you think she is sorry for pushing you in the fire?
Guest_Nickarah: But he diiiiid itttt >,.,> I just jumped up in defense!
Scajaquada: ~turns back quickly and swats at her left inner thigh...~ Did I ask you?
TailishaDeFoxx: -flicks ears looking from ruky to River smirking softly-
Guest_Nickarah: <,.,<
Guest_rosebud101d: -chuckles innocently-
Scajaquada: ~glances at rose~ you are anythign but innocent... ~turns back to river, and uses the crop to softly rub where he just slapped, as meanwhile turns back to look inquisically at ruku for his answer~
Guest_Nickarah: Hes afk. -.- -growls and flicks tail-
Guest_rosebud101d: -does big puppy eyes to scaj and says- but i am innocent scaj O.O
Scajaquada: ~swats her again where he was just petting...~ ahem ~he turns back to her, realizing ruku is distracted~
ScajaquadaScajaquada > Guest_Nickarah: lol... you still ok?
Guest_Nickarah: -Growls and taps tail with a huff her ears setting flat-
Guest_Nickarah whispers: XD Mhm.
Scajaquada: ~slaps her firmly leaving a red mark on her outter thigh this time...~ River... I asked you to cease growling.
Guest_Nickarah: Q.Q Owwwwyyyyy
TailishaDeFoxx: lol hehe i think ruky may have passed out hehe
Scajaquada: (or he is busy taking care of manly needs.. )
TailishaDeFoxx: (lol haha not my fault hehe)
Scajaquada: ~caresses where he just slapped, petting the red mark softly, to ease the sting..~ Do I need to tie you up more river?
Guest_RukunOtaku: no sorry shoping is Ma'am
Guest_RukunOtaku: with*
Scajaquada: (( lol ))
Guest_Nickarah: Hmph. Q.Q No... 0whines-
Guest_RukunOtaku: >//< sorry
Scajaquada > Guest_Nickarah: does no mean yes? lol
ScajaquadaScajaquada : its ok ruku
TailishaDeFoxx: ahhh hehe ok, well tell Scaj is your sis has apologized properly
Guest_Nickarah whispers: XD No you don't need to tie up more
Scajaquada > Guest_Nickarah: yeah i wouldnt think i would need to.... ;)
Guest_Nickarah whispers: >,.,>
Guest_RukunOtaku: o.o aww but it fun seeing her punsihed >.> hehe lucky
Guest_rosebud101d: lol
Guest_RukunOtaku: aANYWAYS -blushes and giggles- Sir i think its fine now ^.^
Guest_Nickarah: >,.,> 0growls and squirms-0 OFFFFFFFFFf
Guest_Nickarah: - - **
TailishaDeFoxx: -smirks- what you want to be punished silly ruky hehe
Scajaquada: ~he glances at river, and blinks...~ not yet river.... Only if your behaving.
Scajaquada: ~he caresses the crop over her waist, and down her upper inner thigh softly, watching the tip tease across her, and then glances up at her to see if she is being good...~
Scajaquada: :P
Guest_Nickarah: Im behaaavvvvinnnnnnnnng Q.Q
Guest_RukunOtaku: hehe well maybe by you Miss >///<
TailishaDeFoxx: haha sure you are Riv lol
Guest_Nickarah: -pouts- >,.,>
TailishaDeFoxx: -smirks leaning down to kiss the tip of his nose lightly-
Guest_rosebud101d: O.o i think she glared at tailz scaj
Guest_Nickarah: GET A ROOM >,.,>
Scajaquada: ~narrows his eyes softly petting her in a tender spot... ~ hmmm...
Guest_rosebud101d: o.O
Scajaquada > Guest_Nickarah: if you ignore it and stay still.. your free.
Scajaquada > Guest_Nickarah: lol
Guest_RukunOtaku: -giggles and licks her nose back- :P dont wanna sis
Guest_Nickarah whispers: Freeeee >,.,>
Guest_rosebud101d: lol
Guest_Nickarah: -.- -grits teeth keeping self from growling-
Scajaquada: ~pulls the crop away, glancing at the shiny residue on the tip... and then turning back to the others...~ Welll.. I guess she has learnt her lesson for now.
Guest_Nickarah: Offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
TailishaDeFoxx: -smiles scratching ruky behind his ear-
Guest_Nickarah: XD Hey I am going to bed guys :3 Niiight
Scajaquada: ~Turns back to river...~ Well I was going to untie you... if you stay calm river. but you keep demanding of me.
Scajaquada: lol
Scajaquada: awww
Scajaquada: ok
Guest_Nickarah: >,.,> No untie megottgotonbed Q.Q
Scajaquada: ~he turns back to river and presses his chest against her holding her in place, while he reaches around to undo the straps....~
Guest_Nickarah: Me gotta goto bed*
Scajaquada: ~unlatches the straps and steps away~
Scajaquada: okay river...
Scajaquada: be good :P
Guest_Nickarah: -clings- :3
Scajaquada: oh hai
Scajaquada: ~smirks~
TailishaDeFoxx: -smirks- night night River
Guest_RukunOtaku: lol aww night night sis ^.^
Guest_Nickarah: Byyyyye -yawns and falls asleep on him-
Scajaquada: lol
Scajaquada: nite nite
Guest_Nickarah has left the chat
Scajaquada: ~sits back down~
TailishaDeFoxx: haha have fun there Scaj lol
Scajaquada: hehe
Scajaquada: not in THAT way, lol
TailishaDeFoxx: lol sure haha i know just in the rp way lol
Scajaquada: yea
Scajaquada: was an interesting training session
Guest_RukunOtaku: >//> -leans up and rubs tails back of her neck playfully-
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: youd think if she has a master, she would be more obediant, lol unless she likes being punished :P
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: yeah haha
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: but i kept asking her along the way if she was ok, and she was laughing and enjoying it.
Guest_rosebud101d: lol that it sure was ^^
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: crud Phu better decide if he wants to be my Sir fully haha my buddy today seems to have become interested in me haha lol
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: lol good good hehe
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: mmm ruku eh lol
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: or someone else lol
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: no haha not ruky the guy who was seeming a bit jealous haha
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: he's my pagen friend haha
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: oh... i didnt know of that one.
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: oh a rl friend?
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: are things not ... progressing as you hoped with phu?
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: nope he's an imvu friend
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: ok
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: hmmmm no idk things seem fine between us they were very good today hehe
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: i sense a but?
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: but it
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: i seem to have somehow attracted more attention from other parties haha
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: ~looks at her over his glasses~ do i need to tie you to the tree?
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: oh
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: and.. how close are you to them?
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: and what would i technically be anyhow... i kinda feel like your protector, lol
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: -smiles- haha not as close as to Phu but the one today i have been close to specially in the pagen sense....
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: ok
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: haha lol idk your my Alpha hehe they gotta pass your inspection first hehe
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: so in a way, i am your master....
Guest_rosebud101d: i was kicked out of a room after just asking to turn the music off cuz my family is trying to sleep
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: haha yeah a little i guess so haha
Guest_RukunOtaku: oh oh miss ^//^
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: lol
TailishaDeFoxx: yes ruky?
Guest_rosebud101d: can you guys please read what i just said
Guest_RukunOtaku: just got my new fur well i need to get to more thiings but yeah
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: ~smiles~
Scajaquada: maybe they wanted to enjoy the music
Guest_RukunOtaku: o.o thats not right rose
Scajaquada: you can always turn your volume down on imvu?
Guest_rosebud101d: dude swaore at me too
Guest_rosebud101d: swore
Guest_rosebud101d: *
Scajaquada: if it was their room... and thats what they wanted to do...
Guest_rosebud101d: i was cuddling with shu
Scajaquada: its the same as you kicking someone from the pack room for just coming in and not saying anything and having a human avatar
Guest_rosebud101d: scaj you dont get it
Scajaquada: oh i do
Guest_RukunOtaku: Miss may i show you my new fur?
TailishaDeFoxx: yes please do ruky
Scajaquada: I am saying that if that is how they wish to manage their room, then that is their perogative. Its your choice if you visit the room again or not. There any many other options.
Guest_rosebud101d: yes i know that but that room was fun
Scajaquada: well then wait out the bot timer and return.
ScajaquadaScajaquada : boot
Scajaquada: which is 20 mins
Guest_rosebud101d: i am not going back
Guest_rosebud101d: in that room with mr dipshit
Scajaquada: in any case you have the control of the volume on your computer. so you can always turn it down if there is music
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: but yeah i know i told Phu that i was fine with waiting cause well....we both see it as merely a yeah may need to see what he thinks....
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: i would be interested in heading more about pagan :)
Guest_rosebud101d: i like shu and all but there is only so much i can handle in one day
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: oh?
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: hearing
Guest_rosebud101d: im going to bed goodnight scaj, tailz and ruku
Scajaquada: goodnight rose
Guest_rosebud101d has left the chat
Guest_RukunOtaku: o.o good night rose
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: lol what ya wanna know...he's kinda more....the monogomous side of things.....
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: hehe i kinda figured :)
Guest_RukunOtaku: scaj i might look like a wolf right now until i can get my tail and paws
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: i am easing on ruku... btw, just the initial impressions were slightly odd, but he seems ok i guess
Scajaquada: oh its ok :)
Scajaquada: i know your.. you :P
Scajaquada: actually this morning i was writing bylaws for the pack incase we needed to go that route
Scajaquada: and one of them was an exception to the no human rule for established members and other authorized people
Scajaquada: but i think before we go that route, i just continue to kinda lay down the law
Scajaquada: until i just get tired of it, lol
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: yeah it makes me a bit nervious so yeah i will be defiantly taking my time even though he's apparently seeming rather...interested in me....
Guest_RukunOtaku: oh ok ^.^
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: its like luna... i mean she may seem like shes ok with me, but i know deep down she wants me to herself. and i think eventually it may cause problems.
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: i see you as a similar free spirit as myself... and... i guess i would say know what your getting into and make it clear to him that you are the way you are... and see if he still wants you to change.
Scajaquada: :)
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: mhmmm i think idk i just think i kinda need to talk to Phu see what he thinks cause i know he accepts how i am in all things really which is nice
Scajaquada: likewise
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: likewise
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: but yeah i kinda was making it very clear how i am is how i will stay
Guest_RukunOtaku: hehe >.< me need more creds
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: mhmm and he doesnt like that hmm
Scajaquada: dont we all :)
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: he seemed to understand but said he can get rather jealous
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: yeah thats not really understanding, lol thats saying okay, but i dont care :P
Guest_RukunOtakuGuest_RukunOtaku Whisper: lol i need 1903 to get my different tails and my paws
TailishaDeFoxxTailishaDeFoxx Whisper whispers: so yeah thus would have to see
Scajaquada: ouch
Scajaquada: i only have promo credits
Scajaquada: i need to buy some more one of these days
Guest_RukunOtaku: was going to be yeah bought stuff today
Scajaquada: ~yawns~
Guest_RukunOtaku: you should go to bed
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: things on my end have been kinda lonely
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: i mean one of the guys who is mmmm playmate/lover he's poly but admits he can get jealous thus why i won't bring him around the pack or Phu especially....and is why i'm a lil weary of ruky sometimes
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: awww poor Scajy -nuzzles-
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: lol itts ok
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: i mean lunas never around, and ... really no one else. i have been talking to mizzy but its just ... random talk
TailishaDeFoxxTailishaDeFoxx Whisper whispers: and it seems to be my sweet nature haha that gets the guys likin me haha
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: and cookies been busy with school
ScajaquadaScajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: yeah i have that nature too :)
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: tho i have closed up lately
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: yeah i have kinda noticed that....
Scajaquada: Just finishing up a conversationa nd then I will :)
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: and if he is poly but jealous, thats not poly.. hes full of shit
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: i know i haven't even really been playing around as much as i used to
Guest_RukunOtaku: oh what convo?? ?.?
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: lol yeah idk he said it a while ago so wasnt' sure about it when he said that
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: ~nods~ i would be careful of that...
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: he's fine with me as i am though
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: butyou dont want to bring him around phu or me... lol so he isnt fine :P
TailishaDeFoxxTailishaDeFoxx Whisper whispers: mhmmmm i am rather cautious haha
Scajaquada: ~smiles~
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: ~smiles~ sometimes not quite as cautious as I would like, lol or as I would be...
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: -blushes pinning ears back- i know i try though....
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: but then again i have a few years, and a few more relationships up on ya... so...
TailishaDeFoxxTailishaDeFoxx Whisper whispers: XP -pouts- yes you do haha
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: ~reaches up with his little finger and wipes away a small tear from your cheek smiling~, oh don't pout my dear... lol
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: -blinks mewing softly- where did that silly thing come from....
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: ~smiles and looks into your eyes, caressing your jaw near your ear softly~ Teardrops from heaven?
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: i bet ruku is wondering if we are talking, lol
TailishaDeFoxxTailishaDeFoxx Whisper whispers: -giggles shaking her head- sure haha....but yeah i think....maybe it's kinda time for Phu to make a bit more of a decision....he's the only one i've really fully felt as a proper fit as a Dom to me.....
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: oh he knows i told him i was getting your advice on something
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: ~nods~ then you need to talk to him. But... be wary of the monogamous one, lol you see what happened with me... i just dont want you to dissappear from imvu because you have to walk around on eggshells.
Guest_RukunOtaku: -tackels Miss and pins her-
Guest_RukunOtaku: >.>
Guest_RukunOtakuGuest_RukunOtaku Whisper: <.<
TailishaDeFoxxTailishaDeFoxx Whisper whispers: mhmmm
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: believe me its not fun...
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: i'm poly but idk cause Phu is the one i see as my Sir....mmmm he comes....first.....before all others he's the one i'll always return to but i'm still free and he's fine with that
ScajaquadaScajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: and i still love luna, dont get me wrong, and i hope she can ... give me my space while not compromising her own feelings too much...
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: mhmm...
TailishaDeFoxx: -squeeks as she's tackled smirking- yes ruky?
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: yeah i hope she can too
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: anyhow i am going to head to bed
Scajaquada > TailishaDeFoxx: sleep well my dear :)
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: night Scaj lol
TailishaDeFoxx whispers: i shall hehe
Scajaquada: ~kisses tailz softly and smiles, and then pats ruku on the head~ nite you too, sweet dreams :)
Scajaquada: two*

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