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IMVU: X-Files RP Test

The following is a transcript of an initial test for a theme I am hoping will be fun for some unusual RP on IMVU.  The setting is a remote forest camp, with an anime girl sitting at a campfire.  I come in dressed in a suit and tie, looking like Fox Mulder from the X-Files.


Scajaquada: ~drives an old Ford Taurus near the camp, and shuts the engine and lights off... he sits for a moment, before getting out of it and shutting the door... he looks around and checks a notepad..~ hmm
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: ....... um ....
Scajaquada: ~he walks into the camp,  looking around...~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: -chills by a campfire -
Scajaquada: ~sees someone, and walks quickly up to them, his hand on an object inside his jacket...~ Excuse me...!
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: yes? - looks up from fire-
Scajaquada: ~walks up to the campfire, a shiny badge hangs from his belt...~ Special Agent Fox Mulder... FBI.  I have some questions to ask you...
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: um ok? - looks confused-
Scajaquada: ~he eases his stance and removes his hand from his jacket... ~ How long have you been camping out here?
Scajaquada: Miss?
Scajaquada: ~he leers, wondering her name~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: um 1 night now - she looks back at the fire -
Scajaquada: ~he gets out a pen, and flips open his pad...~ And do you have a name?
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: Emry
Scajaquada: Emry.. ~he jots it down...~ Emry, have you noticed any unusual, lights... or sounds in the forest since you got here?
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: yes - she pokes the fire with a stick-
Scajaquada: ~he looks at her, and at the empty seats beside the fire...~ May I join you, Emry? ~he makes to sit down on the stone next to her...~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: sure - she puts the stick down-
Scajaquada: Tell me about this... what have you seen? ~he jots down some notes on his pad~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: well last night i was lying in my tent about to go to sleep when a light shone over my tent and it was like searching the campsite - she stares at her feet-
Scajaquada: ~looks at her tail, and jots down some more notes...~ Did you see anything else? ~he looks at her, with a friendly understanding composure~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: um no . i didnt leave my tent after that till this mornig - she looks at the fire then at the sky-
Scajaquada: Hmm... ~he jots down some more notes, and looks at his watch~ did you hear or feel anything.. smell maybe?
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: yeah - shes looks at him-
Scajaquada: ~he raises his eyebrow, and then glances around the stary sky...~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: - she looks at the fire again-
Scajaquada: About what time did this happen?
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: midnight last night
Scajaquada: ~glances at his watch, showing 5 minutes to midnight...~ and were you alone?
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: yes - she looks at the sky-
Scajaquada: I noticed, you have a tail...
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: what about it?
Scajaquada: ~he raises his eyebrow, and shakes his head slightly, hearing a faint staticy sound, and turning towards the treeline...~ nevermind about that... I was just..
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: you where just what ? - she looks around-
Scajaquada: Stay here...
Scajaquada: ~he gets up and wanders off into the trees...~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: - she looks at the fire confused then she sighs-
Scajaquada: ~a flash of light, and low rumbling sounds echo from below the treeline where Mulder disappeared... several bright flashes blind you, lighting up the campsite brighter then a strong wind blows in, blowing some leaves down~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: -her tail puffs up -
Scajaquada: ~a moment later, silence falls, and the air grows deadly calm again. the blackness returns to the night, and the crickets begin to chirp again... stillness in the forest where Mulder disappeared~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: - she looks around confused -
Scajaquada: ~Mulder comes climbing up and trotting back to the camp sight, dazed, and disheveled... his jacket partly ripped and soiled...~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: - she looks at him-
Scajaquada: ~he giggles a little...~ They came... ~as he unsteadily walks up to the campsite, the fight lighting up how soiled he is, with forest debris~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: they ? who ? - her tail remains puffed up-
Scajaquada: ~he takes out his pad again... flips thru it... and looks up, seriously now~ ahem, so did you see anything just now?
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: no just a really bright light - she rubs her eyes-
Scajaquada: ~jots down a few notes, barely paying attention to what she said....~ Thank you Emry...
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: your welcome
Scajaquada: ~looks up from his pad~ If you.. ever want to get that tail checked out, I know someone... ~he reaches into his jacket where he had his hand earlier as he moves towards her...~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: ok ? - she looks at him confused-
Scajaquada: ~he pulls out a business card, with his number on it~ give me a call... if you see anything unusual as well... ~he looks around at the skyline~ There have been some strange events in the area.
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: ok - she looks at the fire-
Scajaquada: ~he drops the card on her lap, and then bends down seeing a hair nearby... picking it up carefully...~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: -she pokes the fire with a stick-
Scajaquada: ~he glances at her and the hair... ~ I don't imagine this is yours? (its a different color... and unusually thick)
Guest_ShyAnimeFan:  no its not mine - she looks at him-
Scajaquada: ~removes a empty baggie from his pocket, and places it in there...~ Okay... Well have a good night, and don't burn your marshmellows... It isn't good for ya. ~he smiles and nods, turning to walk back to his car~
Guest_ShyAnimeFan: ok bye - she looks at the fire-
Scajaquada: ~he gets back to his car, and sits in it for a moment, before starting it, and turning on the lights.. they shower part of the campsite with their light, as the beams arc across the site, as he pulls away...~

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