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Game Servers / RP


Roadwolf's Minecraft Server:  A Survival server, running the latest version of Vanilla Minecraft.  The Server Address / IP is currently with the default port.


Farming Simulator 2013

Roadwolf's Farming Simulator 2013 server:  A place to relax and chill, but also play some serious farming.  I generally hop on there randomly when I want to chill.  I also enjoy chatting via a voice call on Skype while I play.  So please see my contact information in order to add me on Skype.


 IMVU Wolf Pack

Scajaquada's Wolf Pack: Is a feral Role-Playing wolf pack, aimed towards role-playing feral / wild wolves.  Role-Play sessions occur on Thursday and Sunday Nights.  They take place in the Feral Wolf Valley room, which is a GA room, open to anyone.  We aim to reproduce the social structure of a real wolf pack, and therefore we do not appreciate any role-play with characters involving human abilities (talking, or the ability to use thumbs, weapons, or magical abilities).

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