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- Roady the wolf - alphas in his pack hunted by humans, his kin went missing, unknown reasons, forced to leave his home. - inexperienced and playful. - 29 moon cycles old.   - Fred the Beaver     - Angelina the Panther * a dominatrix kitty who has a whip. About 37 moon cycles old Lost her mate (unknown reasons)     - roady chases wolfie... -  roady runs into panther who saw wolfie... - roady goes back to hot spring and finds wolfie...   Waking up the next morning, Roady yawns and stretches.  Shaking the leaves off of him as he stands, he looks around.  Roady notices the big weeping willow, and hot spring.  In the daylight, he sees that the weeping willow is still mostly green and lush, its leaves not yet fading, as the other trees farther away from the pond have.  Steam rises through its branches from the warm water below.  Grooming, Roady finds the feather from the night before.       Roady comes up beside her, "I haven't seen it in the daylight yet." Laura looks up at the few stars visible on this cloudy night, through the tree canopy. "It is a pretty special place" She says, as she gets up, wagging her tail slightly as she walks into the pond a little.  "I like how warm the water is." Roady joins her in the water, as they both wade out to a deeper area.  The hot churning water bubbling up from below under their bellies, tickling both of them as the air bubbles from the spring below rise up along their sides. Roady enjoys the water, "It is very relaxing."As he can feel himself fading quickly, as his body relaxes. "And it kind of tickles." Laura says, giggling. Roady wades away from the center, towards the weeping willow tree.  Under the tree is a stone slab under the surface of the water which is just shallow enough to allow a wolf to lay down in the water and still be able to breathe.   Roady lays down, and Laura wades over to join him. "Going to sleep?" Laura asks. "I am very tired, but just relaxing right now.  There is room for two," Roady hints. Laura lays down beside Roady, and relaxes in the warm shallow water.  "I could use a rest myself."           Laura ==>  Sooleawa  (Silver) = 2nd generation female Taima (Thunder) = bossy, aggressive omega, likes to cause trouble.   highly dislikes roady. Nodin (Wind) = Taima's twin, also aggressive, but sub to Taima.  Has a secret crush on Sooleawa. Kachinahey (Teacher) = Older pack alpha, unable to fight, but still commands respect when he is around.   Otherwise he doesn't have much control over his pack. Yuma (Son of Chief) = more responsible of the litter, but still easily swayed by Taima's influence when he is around. Enola (Solitary) = female from the same litter, who hunts with her mother.  Both her and the Alpha female avoid the boys.  Is a beta. Chitsa (Fair) = Mother of the pack,  alpha female. Nayati (Wrestler) = Sooleawa's brother, who is often beside Kachinahey.  He is loyal to the Alpha Male.   Fae & Beryl = Deers who gossip   Yuma is from the same litter as Nodin and Taima. He is however the wisest of the bunch, but is not the muscle of the group. His facial hair is a little fuller, and has some black and blonde highlights in it, along with the gray. He does have a respect for proper wolven social behavior however. He recognizes the scent from the night before, remembering the small orange creature he had seen. Prowling through the brush, careful to avoid the many thorny bushes in the area, Roady noses out to the edge of a clearing. Staying low, he watches as he can see an orange fox with a large bushy tail digging in the short grass at the center of the clearing using its two front paws. Downwind, Roady backs into the shadows slightly and waits, watching the fox. sooleawa gets trapped in a gated yard, of a humans hunting cabin.  after following wolf scents to the property,  she howls and calls for help, but will help arrive in time to save her?   roady gets locked into the clan, and sooleawa goes off on her own for years,   only to find a rival clan and join it.    both of them are omegas and eventually work their way up the ladder to become betas or alphas.   the clans eventually clash, and thats when roady finds out its sooleawa the rest of the pack is not about to live down the rivalry...  especially roadys pack for the betrayal of sooleawa  

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