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Fantasy Role-Playing 101: Intro

Roleplay and Fantasy

Some may find it strange that I delve into fantasy role-playing from time to time. In fact, in most cases I find that it is easier talking to people about far-out conspiracy theories, or kinky sexual topics, then it is talking about the past-time of role-playing. It seems few people really understand what it is, and how it can be so engaging.

Personally, I find it very therapeutic and relaxing. Way more engaging then watching a TV, reading a book, or even playing video games. The use of imagination and creative writing skills, combines in a perfect role-playing scenario, to create a dynamic flowing storyline between two or more people.

There are many different types of Role-Playing including text based role-playing, post-by-post RP, live action RP (LARP), Role-Playing Games, and even in most situations, simulation games / simulators induce role-playing if in a group format.

Role-playing allows people to dive into, and experience something that otherwise would be impossible or dangerous. It is an outlet, a form of expression, a form of art. An art that is often misunderstood.

This series attempts to familiarize the reader with the basic guidelines of role-playing, in the hopes that they may attempt it on their own, and find enjoyment in it. Anything is possible, and your imagination is the storyboard. Let it run free, and learn how to express yourself like you never have before.

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