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Dream 1, work related, driving around alone with vans, mirrored snow plwoing but without snow.. Dream 2, City. With jolie, in a future version of downtown toronto. elevators tooks cars between upper and lower teraces of the city, and we were in the lower area being a tourist. We went into a department store, and jolie saw an sapphire and amber, gem which looked like a seal sitting on a beach, and she wanted it. I was going to buy it for her, but didnt have the money. I forget what happened after that. There was a point I was crawling around the mall on my hands and knees wearing blue gloves, trying to figure something out. I was watching how the cashiers were all armed off duty police officers, and found that strange. I also noticed that whenever the officers left their cashes, and displays, they would send a command which would lower the display and cash into the floor and cover it up. Dream 3, Bake shop: Jolie and I were at a famous back shop in some industrial town in the central states. We were in a busy bake shop which produced all manners of special baked goods including ones you can usually only find in canada. we gorged ourselves on way too many items. Dream 4, Highway: I think after leaving the city, we must of stolen that jem or something, because the police started chasing us on a highway. Jolie was driving and easily lost them in some traffic on a side road. Then we pulled over to talk to some friends on the grassy knoll of a highway, and our black cars all pulled over made other people think we were the cops. Dream 5, NSA? I was doing an undercover video recording on walking into a government production studip. It was a data center with high secrity, but I was in and recording the war room. Many video monitors displayed animated sequences from a war, and the main production team was piecing the sequences together in a final cut. The sequences then got rendered into a realistic looking video. I recall slaves / aka captives in the back rooms, where producers would be watching them on CCTV cameras, and using intercoms to yell instructions at them. I guess the captives were the ones drawing and animating the story as slaves. They were being pumped full of drugs.

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