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Atlantic City?

My dream lastnight was rather interesting.  The part I remember started off on a bridge or causeway over the water.  Myself and a female were both standing on the causeway for some reason, and we both had weapons.  This seemed to be a semi post apolocalyptic world where there was no order.  Anyhow, the causeway started to collapse and the girl and myself were able to save ourselves by running towards land, and eventually diving into the water and swimming.  Regrouping on shore, the condominiums and other buildings along the shore posed collapse hazards as well.  While it looked like some of them were still occupied, as a wind picked up, and dust rose, the situation semed to become more serious and threatening.  The girl and myself navigated inland, in such a way as to avoid going near the taller buildings.  The ground was covered with what I thought was snow, but could of also been dust or sand of some sort. Inland we met up with some others like us,  Some sort of survivalist resistance movement.  We moved together into the countryside.  Following a dirt road, with small plankboard huts build on stilts a foot or two above the ground on either side.   They were unoccupied.  Eventually we heard a vehicle coming down the road.  We hid under one of the huts.  We hid because apparently the only people using vehicles now, was a military regime, which was kind of a makeshift security force.  And they have a reputation of killing people like us. The convoy passes by, but people are looking under the huts.  Most of my team is able to scurry out from under the hut undetected and run to cover when they aren't looking, except i hesitate and am eventually found.  They pull me out and bring over a scanner.  At this time, everyone has implanted ID tags in their forearm.  They scan mine, and see I have no record.  So they ask if I wanted to join them...   I agreed and picked up a rocket launcher, and followed. At their command post I was shown a lot of secrets about how they are able to track people, and whatnot.  I remember becoming a double agent from there on out, however the dream becomes fuzzy and that is when I began to wake up...    This is a reoccuring dream I think, as I do kinda remember this one from the past as well.

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