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A funny conversation in chat...

A little backstory,  Basically this is a random person who was a mutual friend with someone else on facebook...   prior to this transcript I had no previous communication with them...


Road Wolf: ~prowls around you, sniffing for your scent, tail raised... growling slightly~
(2 weeks go by, before she replies)
Ellie Darkmarsh: umm... hi?
Road Wolf: Hi. Lol
Ellie Darkmarsh: ...growling?
Road Wolf: Softly ;)
Ellie Darkmarsh: aww... no more rp?
Road Wolf: ~smiles and sits beside a campfire, watching the flames dance and lick at the air...~ well. I could be enticed to RP....
Ellie Darkmarsh: don't bring that with me. when i rp, I'M in charge
Road Wolf: ~raises my eyebrow...~ am just sitting here enjoying a campfire...
Ellie Darkmarsh: i'm not enticing you to anything. you wanna see my stuff, you gotta earn it. got that?
Road Wolf: ~chuckles...~ I usually do...
Ellie Darkmarsh: get to work then, wolfy
Road Wolf: ~chuckles and looks over at Ellie, then looks back at the fire before pulling out a cuban cigar and lighting it, puffing smoke into the air~ you amuse me Ellie... I don't know about your world, but in mine, both people must roleplay to create a flowing story... ~smiles and looks down at the rocks surrounding the fire pit...~ I mean, I know that I am somewhat distracted by being out and about IRL, but still, I have still taken the time to include imagery and actions in RP, where as I haven't seen any effort on your part... ~looks over at Ellie again, amused~
Ellie Darkmarsh: ... screw it. i'm out.
Road Wolf: ~laughs~ see ya...
Ellie Darkmarsh: listen dickhead! i'm tired and horny. i only ever use this account to get sex out of my system. i don't want to waste time writing out paragraphs of useless discripton when i just want to cum
Road Wolf: ~nods~ I am not a yiff machine... sorry to dissapoint. I am a talented author who writes furry fiction. among many other things... I imagine you are actually a guy behind that farse, and probably underaged too, so... have a good day.

Then I reported her for having a false account... That was actually quite entertaining! If you are gonna call me a dickhead, then I guess I might as well live up to those expectations. ;)


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