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A Backwoods Adventure

Driving through Algonquin Park, the wonderful pine trees mixed in with the deciduous trees, and the gentle rolling slopes of the Canadian Shield.  Steam still hangs over some of the lakes, which are calm and act like mirrors reflecting their shores upon them.  It is a wonderful drive.  I glance over and smile, you smile back.

Passing familiar sites, even after years of not being here I still know the road like the back of my hand.  We enjoy the sights along Highway 60 and eventually we exit through the East Gate and drive into Whitney.  The rolling forest parts into a river valley setting.  A few buildings start to appear and the speed limit slows.  We drive over a bridge and pull off to the right into a small country gas station.  We park in the busy parking lot.  This is Whitney Diner, a traditional eating spot for campers in Algonquin.   Only about 5 minutes outside the park, it is the closest non-park restaurant.

We walk into the crowded dining room, which is packed with roughnecks eating.  Luckily there is a table free and we are seated quickly.  It is a healthy mix of locals (mainly loggers) and campers.  We order our food and eat.  Traditional greasy spoon meals.  Afterward we get fueled up at the gas station and grab some supplies for our backwoods camping adventure.

Eventually we head out again, this time we head down Hay Creek Road.   A small less traveled road which runs past the post office right in the heart of the town.  We pass some small residential communities and trailer parks, and then the odd ranch style farm before the road ups a small hill and we round a turn into a lumber yard.  The road drives through the yard.  We pass piles and piles of wood stacks and we continue along the road.  We go down a steep hill and now we are here.  This is Haycreek road!   Signs warn us of logging trucks, but it is a holiday, and there is no logging today.   The road is gravel and about 1 and a half lanes wide with trees overhanging the edge.  We kick up dust and rocks as the Jeep speeds down the trail.

Eventually I see a spot that jogs my memory and I see an overgrown path to the left.  We drive up the untraveled trail, and straight into the woods.  The trees are close to the edge of the trail and we squeeze by a few of them closely.  We come to a small overturned tree in the trail and I get out with a tow strap.  I wrap it around the tree and then drive the jeep backwards to pull the tree off the path.  Continuing we drive over a few other logs, and eventually come to a clearing beside a creek.

A small circle of rocks lay on the ground in the center of the clearing. We park the jeep with the rear facing towards the rocks, about 10 feet away.   We get out and begin gathering some wood from the woods.  I haul logs and branches to the fire pit, and begin to cut them up into reasonable sizes.  We are surrounded by a mixed forest which is quite thick.  Worn paths in the woods show that this area is used as a natural highway for wildlife.

I begin to set up the camp...   Deciding against using the tent and instead blowing up the air mattress in the back of the jeep.  We just have very basic gear.  No stove or anything either.  Instead a use my survival knife to sharpen a long stick and we will use that to slow cook our meat for dinner.  We chop some wood and pile it on the firepit.  We light the fire and lay a few blankets down on the ground by the fire.  We lay side by side by the fire as we chat..  and sometimes as we just lay there in silence enjoying the evening.  Darkness is falling upon us, the cool forest air quickly envelops us, and I cuddle you close.

I slide my hand up your shirt and softly caress and cuddle with you as we watch the fire.  I nibble on your earlobes softly, then I kiss you softly and get up to tend to the fire which is still going strong, as we put some rather large logs into it.  The fire is burning hot, the red embers glowing brightly.  I set up the pointy stick against a rock and stick a roast of meat on the end and let it hang over the side of the fire.  I sit back down on the blanket with you.

We cuddle, and begin to kiss passionately.  I slide your shirt off and slide down to begin sucking on your nipples softly.  Ensuring both nipples are sufficiently hard, I look at you grinning, as you lay down on your back.  Sliding down your body, I unbutton your pants and slide them off.   You moan and smile letting me know you are enjoying it.  I slide your pants off and slide myself down your body as i begin to lick and suck on your clit.  You laying on your back, the early evening stars beginning to reveal themselves above you.  I continue sucking on your clit and slide my fingers inside you, pressing upwards.  I continue doing this until you cum and squirt into my mouth.  I swallow every drop and smile as I lick your pussy to mop up any extra.  I slide back up your body and cuddle with you.

It is now time to rotate the meat...  I get out of the jeep and rotate the meat so the other side cooks...

We both get out of the Jeep, and lay on the blanket next to the fire.  We are naked and we cuddle as we look up at the stars.  I softly caress you.  I begin to talk about ghost stories and other paranormal stuff, and we both shiver as I dive into some deep theories.  The fire crackles away and casts shadows on the trees that flicker and move as if they are alive.  The sun is fully set now.

We cuddle and hug for several hours, occasionally I get up to add a log to the fire.  The meat is done and we eat it right off the stick.  After dinner you need to pee, but we are in the wilds and there was no bathroom in sight. I grin and proceed to explain how you can pee without having to squat fully. So I teach you how to squirt your pee.  As you do, I am behind you and use my fingers to spread your lips and pull up on your clit and your pee arcs out in front of you.  We laugh and when your done I lay you on your back to lick you clean.  The licking turns into me sucking your clit.  You moan softly wishing I was inside you, and I oblige.

We position ourselves with me behind you, and you in front of me facing way, both of us laying on our side. I slide myself into you and I begin to fuck you.  It starts off slow...  I bite your neck and you moan softly, and I fuck you harder.  I want you to cum but at the same time I cant stop fucking you.  I think about other things to delay my orgasm, as I fuck you.  The fire crackling nearby, radiating its warmth onto us, and making us sweat profusely.  It seems you were overly turned on my this situation as well, as I feel your pussy contract on my penis as you climax.  This in turn makes me cum hard inside you.  I kiss you softly as we finish.  And we cuddle for a bit.

Eventually we decide that its time to sleep.  We get back up into the back of the Jeep, and fall asleep next to each other.  The fire roaring and crackling in the background.

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