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So Much Fun!

It has been many years, but I have finally found someone in my life who actually makes me happy. Sable is an amazing person, and I love spending time with her. In the past it seemed like prior relationships would be spent co-habitating and occasionally spending some time together over a meal or on a game. But with Sable, it seems like we desire to spend as much time together as possible. Whether it be going for a walk, or watching TV, or cooking dinner, or gardening, or just sitting out on the porch.

We've come up with new words for many things, in our laughing bouts. Some of the most recent:
Smhit - The Smell of Shit
Smold - The Smell of Old People
Smood - The Smell of Food
Shaprobobalibly - Should Probably

Smhit, and Smold were coined because of Bonnie our Dog's reactions to various scents.

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