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Projects: July 2015

Current projects in progress or planned.

In Progress

  • House Electrical Project: Basement

    This project requires the removal of a few temporary feeds, and installation of new feeds to replace them. Conduit work is complete. Junction boxes need to be cleaned up, and covered to code. Lighting needs to be installed and wired properly. New 2-gang outlet installed beside rack. Estimated days of work to complete is 8 with the estimated investment being an additional $40.

  • House Electrical Project: Main Floor

    Some wall patching and finishing is still required. Most is complete. Door Bell needs to be reinstalled, and Office Fan needs to be re-wired. Estimated days: 4. Estimated investment: $10

  • House Electrical Project: Second Floor

    Major patching and rebuild. Some wiring on hold in preparation for the Bathroom Project. Status: On Hold

  • Compressor System

    Move system to proper spot, and rewire it to feed off of 240Volts. Install proper set screw. Install auto drain. Install Oiler and Dryer systems. Install rigid piping and feeds. Estimated time: 5 days, Estimated cost: $150

  • Garage Electrical

    Identify and hook up second floor circuits. Install lights. Install 220 circuit for compressor. Some pipe work. Terminate and mount fiber. Estimated time: 6 Days. Estimated cost: $200

  • Equipment Rack

    Hook up servers, and install UPS. Terminate patch cables and fiber. Install KVM switch and extender. Estimated time: 2 days. Estimated cost: $0

  • In Planning Stage:

  • Dungeon Project

    Waiting on Basement Electrical to wrap up, Install dungeon furnature, paint and prepare cell for a deprivation chamber. Estimated time: 4 days. Estimated cost: $50

  • Recumbent Bike Project

    Design and fabricate a custom recumbent bike. Estimated Cost: $500 Status: In Design and planning phase

  • Ham Radio Project

    Install antennas on the roof. Estimated cost: $300 Status: On Hold

  • Roof Wire Project

    Hire Mike to install wire melting system. Estimated cost: $300. Status: On Hold

  • House Electrical Project: Apartment

    Plan to add additional circuits and plugs in the apartment. Possibly to move the electrical panel as well. Status: Planning, not started

  • Bathroom Project

    Building a 2nd floor Master Bathroom, and rebuilding a guest room. Status: On Hold. Estimated Cost: $3000

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