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Operation Exeter

Operation Exeter is an Arma 3 campaign I am working on which will focus partly on the new Tanoa Expansion. N'Ziwasogo may also be featured as the location of the initial part of the campaign.



The campaign will feature a deeper story than most games, with a focus on the emotional aspect of war. Strict orders and objectives will also be key in this campaign. As much as I love Arma's open sandbox possibilities, I think for this idea I need the player to feel trapped and helpless from time to time. There will be a mix of slow paced gameplay where you patrol through bombed out civilian villages, and see bodies burning. In contrast there will also be very challenging, back to the wall, pinned down moments. This will be a story, a journey, as opposed to something to run though and beat. In fact, does anyone ever truly win in war?

Technical Details:

After some deliberation, the campaign will be set up with default units. I originally wanted to include the RHS Russia and US vehicles and units. I still may include some of the vehicles, but I think the men themselves will be default NATO and CSAT forces.

Exeter is currently a working titlthat.PDATE: The first portion of the campaign will occur in Altis. This is partly to provide a wider possible base of players who can play the first part of the campaign. But secondly, because I had thought to myself that "gee, everyone does a Vietnam style war when they want to do psychological war stories... But such things can exist in Europe too...".

Strangely enough, a week after I began working on the first mission based in Altis, the Paris shootings have happened. Which brought to light some of the issues I was already aiming for in my campaign. Now.. I don't want to debate on here if that attack was really ISIL or not, because truly, none of that really matters. But this campaign is going to revel in that sense of confusion and uncertainty as to what's really going on...

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