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I was bored, and so I decided to hop on Omegle and try to ask some questions.  I started with some fairly basic global politics questions.   Most people disconnected right away.  Those that didn't....  Well...

Is the World Health Orginization in conjunction with the UN, attempting to preform mass population control for the NWO?

Stranger 1: 'MURICA

Stranger 2: back in nam we had population control

Stranger 2: it was called the m16

Stranger 1: hand grenades work too

Stranger 2: thats all the control ill ever need

Stranger 1: gun control means being able to hit yout target

Stranger 2: grenades are too fast

Stranger 2: when you shoot a gook you want him to look you in the eyes as he dies

Stranger 2: so he knows that youre the one that killed him

Stranger 1: Blow one of his legs off and watch him bleed out.

Stranger 2 has disconnected

I then decided to ask some basic pop culture questions, and found that nearly everyone had an opinion about that.  I sighed...  Do people really value 'celebrities' more then the news of events and policy being put in place globally which could restrict the rights, freedoms and lives of millions of people, including themselves?   It seems so, yes.  So long as people have celebrities on TV, they do not seem to care what rights or freedoms are taken away from them.

But alas no,  I asked a few more questioned and found some interesting responses.  I had to laugh at Stranger 1 in the following conversation.   Yes Stranger 1, I know that 'awake' sounds hippyish, but Omegle only gives you so much space to type a question.
Do you believe that our current culture focuses on brainwashed mass media whores? Are you awake to whats really going on?

Stranger 1: I hear what your saying

Stranger 2: yeah i'm bulletproof

Stranger 1: but term's like 'awake' don't help get your message across

Stranger 1: just make's you kind of sound like a hippy nut job or some shit

Stranger 1: but what your saying is 100% correct.

Stranger 1: and stranger

Stranger 2: yes

Stranger 1: you ain't bullet proof

Stranger 1: .

Stranger 2: i know

Stranger 2: i was kidding

Stranger 1: Oh

Stranger 1: now you want to be a joker eh?

Stranger 2: nope

Stranger 1: After I caught you out

Stranger 1: with your bullshit

Stranger 1: eh

Stranger 1: eh

Stranger 1: eh

Stranger 1 has disconnected

Yeah, there is really nothing intelligent on Omegle it seems.  Where oh where can I find cool people to chat with?

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